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At Tutoring Lounge we believe that all minds don’t think alike, as for such reason our approach is different when it comes to typical tutoring. Our approach is to promote tailor made learning for students of all age and background.
With our office based in the heart of Melbourne, our team of inspiring tutors are available in different suburbs and online. Who can help you with a wide range of subjects such as Business, Information Technology, Economics, Digital Media and so on.

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At Tutoring lounge we believe that the focused attention in a one-on-one environment empowers both tutors and students in a way that is not possible in a large group environment. However, we still offer our tutoring services for small groups of two to three students.

At Tutoring Lounge we have a team of professional tutor’s who can help College or University Students with the subjects they need help with. Regardless of the Institute and Universities, students are enrolled in, there are certain subjects we can definitely help our students. Hiring a experienced private tutor from Tutoring Lounge can help with that one particular subject or even help you throughout your entire degree.


Welcome to Tutoring Lounge: Australia!

HUB of professional Melbourne University Tutors

Tutoring Lounge help students regardless of the level they are studying at, by providing them with professional private tuition, education consultancy along with career mentoring. Our team of Australia University Tutors can help students in improving their understanding and ability, increasing their confidence, accelerating their learning and most importantly in improving their grades.


Professional Private Tuition

At Tutoring Lounge we believe in delivering exceptional service to our students so they can achieve good grades. We prefer providing face-to-face tutoring sessions either at students place or a central location. Though online sessions can be organized if required. We offer quality-assured teaching and revision sessions in all subjects and assistance in most modules covered by colleges and universities.  Our tutors are all highly qualified with excellent academic records who are able to assist students with the subjects they are having issues with.





Private University Tutor

Tutoring Lounge offer undergraduate and postgraduate tuition in a wide range of modules covered in most Australian Schools & universities. We are a team of outstanding mentors with extensive postgraduate expertise.

Coursework and Proof-reading

We do help student with their coursework projects, in making sure that they are on track. Have met the requirements of their coursework, our tutors and consultants use subject-specific expertise and experience to help you with coursework difficulties.

Language Courses

A lot of international students usually struggle with English, since English is not their the first language. We have few language instructors who can not only help you with English but can even help you in learning French, German, Arabic and other languages.


Career Counseling

Number of students in their early stage are usually confused, not sure what career they want to choose. If they want to be a nurse or want to study business, our consultants can help you in selecting the right industry and can provide you with the most accurate industry knowledge to support your decision.

Education Consultancy

Education industry in Australia is the third largest industry, with number of universities, institutes and colleges across different cities offering hundreds of different courses. Selecting the right university or college is never easy, so better not risk it and get enrolled in a University you don’t want to be. Our consultants can help you with selecting the right university or college based on your experience or interest.


Why Tutoring Lounge?

At Tutoring Lounge our vision is to help every single student to get better grades by understanding the core of their subject. While making their tutoring sessions comfortable and inspiring.

We prefer quality to quantity that is why we don’t have over hundreds of tutors on board; instead we have a small team of hand picked professional tutors who love what they do.




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