1.What was the biggest turning point for Amazon as a business?

1.What was the biggest turning point for Amazon as a business?

Expert's Answer

Amazon was founded by jeff Bezos in 1994 and become a successful retailer company in the world .The most significant event in the history of Amazon as a company was when it decided to diversify its offerings beyond the sale of books and established Amazon Marketplace.

The biggest turning point for amazon as a business when they enforced third-party retailers to sell their wares on the Amazon platform. Because of this, Amazon was able to broaden their product variety as everything is available on one platform which is convenient and attract a greater number of buyers which ultimately raise their overall revenue. As initially that was very small business but not focusing only their own products and adding a third  party sellers and allow the to sell their products at Amazon site which  help to reach success.

After this amazon started focus on other areas like customer service when their customer face any problem related to product they allow them to return and exchange which feels secure to the buyers, the importance of delivering on committed time as it is very important for every business to fulfill their commitments on time delays in delivery can decrease their customer base by keeping this thing in mind the amazon do everything on time. This allows amazon to become a biggest retailer company and have a largest customer base from market.

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