MGT5PSC Individual Analytical Report On Procurement And Supply Chain Management - Assessment 2

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Assessment 2: Individual Analytical Report

2. FastGood’s DC manager has recently submitted an inventory report covering the last 6 months’ data (July Dec) to the supply chain department (see the provided dataset). The report reveals a significant increase in average inventory levels of Facial Cream in almost all DCs compared to the first 6 months of the year. Mrs. Banerjee decided to revise the inventory replenishment policy of Facial Cream in all DCs. She is considering a shift to MRP inventory policy instead of the existing Regular policy. Implementing the MRP policy requires an accurate demand forecast. You are tasked with evaluating a Nve weeks moving average forecasting method on the July-Dec demand data for Facial Cream. You need to discuss the accuracy of the method by referring to forecast error measures. Apply the method to predict the demand for Week 53 (Week 1 of next year).

(~500 words)

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