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Bluffing against the Business Ethics

Is business bluffing ethical or not?

Bluffing against the Business Ethics

Is business bluffing ethical or not is still a long debate with many different opinions. Business leaders and other organization in power can amend any rules and ethics of business with their power, many believe that deception in business is justifiable on the grounds that business has a character of game. Majority of the advertising and marketing firms are the biggest bluffer in business as they are somehow link with business bluffing.

Many ad campaigns are based on the facts which does not exist at all and can be categorized as part of a lie.But in most cases people do mix up with the notion that bluff is lying, according to Albert Carr in his article he clearly makes the distinction between lying and bluffing, when everyone involved understands that the truth is not expected to be spoken, lying is not lying but playing the game of business.

The fact is that our values plays an important part in justifying if bluffing in business is ethical or not, business leaders with strong reputation for honesty and integrity always do better in the long run mainly because of their image, where as if a leader or a business person wants to be successful in the short run requires to bluff within the rules of the game.

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