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Cheaper labor, more skilled expertise, freer cash flow, a more flexible working environment and the more effective use of staff, what else you need to run your business?

Outsourcing…what else do you need?

Over the last few year many corporations have been outsourcing their daily routine work in order to cut costs associated with their day to day operations, now the trend has just grown on to the next level as many individuals in western countries are outsourcing their jobs to other developing countries like India, China, Bangladesh, the list goes on. Due to the big difference in the currency rates it allows individuals to outsource their daily office work to employees in other countries so that they can enjoy their time in other activities.

Outsourcing is not only in practice by lower level employees but even the senior management are practicing it on the regular basis. Everyone is trying to save more and spend less due to the uncertainty in the economy, outsourcing just gives them enough freedom to do multiple tasks, spend more time with their loved ones and most importantly they can relax but the major concern related to outsourcing is hiring the right person for your job. One can never be sure if the person or the company to whom they are outsourcing are reliable, will the work be done on time, will it be done with proper quality, all these concerns will be there until and unless they get their first project done. Outsourcing involves building trust from both sides which can only take place after few initial projects. Due to the rapid growth in globalization and ever changing technology the way company operates on either small scale or on large scale is changing. Majority of the call center work, data entry work, daily routine office work is being outsourced to 3rd world countries where not enough training is provided to employees, in many cases as a result companies have to compromise on the quality of their services.

Cheaper labor, more skilled expertise, freer cash flow, a more flexible working environment and the more effective use of staff, what else you need to run your business?

From other perspective if you are running a small business it’s now so easy to get things done by outsourcing your work, virtual meeting rooms are been set up where people can discuss things related to their business, share their documents, mentor other people, conference takes place almost every day to assign new projects and to get the feedback on the ongoing projects, what ever you can think of it is happening at the moment. As your business will grow, your need  to outsource your work from other people will also grow. Many individuals and companies further outsource their work to other people in need who are willing to do the same job for as low as 10 cents/day.

Our corporate climate today is a far cry from the business world of the yesteryears which was restrictive and time consuming. Nowadays business decisions are made on snap second judgments and are not limited to or hindered by the physical geographical boundaries of a country. In fact we can go so far as to say that the corporate sector of the new millennium has broken down the geographical barriers that once limited our business sphere. The world has now become one giant oyster for most businesses as information technology has proliferated into every aspect of our lives, it won’t be wrong to say that outsourcing has totally changed the way of doing business nowadays.

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