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The Leadership Approach

In recent years the ideas and suggestions about leaders have changed drastically. What used to be expected from a leader, now sub ordinates don’t have same expectations from them in terms of their roles and duties.

The Leadership Approach

In recent years the ideas and suggestions about leaders have changed drastically. What used to be expected from a leader, now sub ordinates don’t have same expectations from them in terms of their roles and duties. With the emergence of technology and other advancement in communication, leadership styles and skills are no more the same. The training methods used by leaders are more casual and conducted in a friendly environment, as now the leaders have to engage them selves more, have to lead their teams by example and they not only have to manage their teams but also have to make sure that they have the support of their subordinates. People have different views about leadership styles and how they acquired different skills and react to different situations which they are faced with.


Traits are inborn capabilities that few people are born with. Traits can not be learned or acquired with time or experience. There are 100′s of traits that can be found in leaders but they vary from one person to others as some leaders can be good in managing people but they may be not good in managing projects. Different people have different traits but those who used them well stands out from the crowd. It won’t be wrong to say that leaders are not like other people, they have something which makes them stand out and lead others and that something is in born, they don’t acquire or learn from any one. Leaders have strong verbal and perceptual abilities which help them in various ways.


Skills are a set of abilities that normally people acquire through learning or practicing different things. As skills can be learned, they can also be developed over time. Many people mix traits with skills but they can not be over lapped with each other as traits can not be learned or developed. Three different skills can be identified as technical skills, human skills or conceptual skills.

A technical skill can be classified as the knowledge about competency and proficiency in a specific work or activity. Technical skills can be termed as an ongoing and never-ending process where a person continues to learn different skills. Successful leaders continually upgrade their skills, to stay on top of changes and developments. Many people mix up human skill with technical skills, which is not the case as it is different from technical skills, which has to do with working with things. Human skills are a basic mean of communicating with people and how to work within team. If you are a leader then you have to communicate and lead your team. Avoid any conflict or other issues in groups. As far as conceptual skills are concern, they are the abilities to work with ideas and concepts and how to implement them, how one can execute them properly. These skills help leaders to understand and better decide which actions and measures have to be taken in a particular field of work.


It is the approach and method of providing directions, executing projects, dealing with other people and motivating subordinates. It merely focuses on what leaders do and how they do it, it can also be termed as a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. Many research studies that conducted in the past came up with different results. There are leaders who emphasize more on the needs of people and satisfy their needs which in return help them to achieve results or in other situation there are leaders who emphasize more on work rather than people and they just want to finish the job. Style of leadership depends on situations, skills and traits that people have. Leadership styles can be determined with the approaches a leader takes for getting things done. Leaders are not only responsible for getting the job done but also to maintain good relationship with other people.


Different leaders have different styles of leading which they acquire with time and act differently to different situations that they are faced with. If a person is a born leader then he will learn new skills over time respond to situations differently and will demonstrate his own style of leadership. In my personal opinion a success of any leader is heavily dependent on his/her skills and styles. If a person has the required skills that are necessary to do the task and his style is not as a dictatorship then he is most likely to be successful. Traits are something which leaders naturally have as compare to any other approaches. To me all the approaches are of equal importance but not all leaders have all the 4 approaches. Many leaders are born to lead who later acquire appropriate skills to stay on the top and efficiently lead teams. Leadership can also be described as a complex from an economic perspective because the consequences of leadership can’t always be measured by financial measures. Those people who we most honor as leaders sometimes have to deal with significant failure.


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