95 Degree Fahrenheit Is Equal To How Many Degrees On A Celsius? (Using The Formula F=32+9/5C)

Expert's Answer

Video Transcript

So this is the given question we are asked to find the degrees in Celsius and given that office for okay we have first letters had given that, we have given that equal to 32 plus nine by five off 95°. OK now we're asked to find C. Equal to how much. Okay now let us start to solve this. Okay now from the given equation equal to 32 plus nine by five. Industry It is absolute fl so it is 95 equal to 32 plus nine by five. See if you take tactic to to the left hand side it becomes 95 minus 32 equal to nine by five of C. If you do this calculation 95 -32 It has 63 9 x five. No I am writing the next step here. If you take that no matter of fact to the left hand side it becomes multiplication So it becomes five into 63. Quarter nine c. Okay soil value will be 315 equal to 96. If you take nine to the left hand said okay he had nine is in the numerator but when it comes to the left hand side it becomes to the denominator. So it becomes 315 x nine a call to see Therefore if you calculate this, if they were driven five men We get the final answer rest 35. So she is okay thank you

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