A real-world database design and implementation project Part 2

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Conceptual Design

Business Rules

  • Passengers are requested full name, photograph for security, valid phone number, passport and preference of class to travel.
  • Passengers are also requested to give address, district, zone, state and destination address.
  • Flight name and number must be mentioned along with its schedules time. Delays can be expected.
  • Schedule will have arrival and departure time but they can vary due to different conditions.
  • Visa of the country to visit must be valid and type must be mentioned. 
  • Passport which have visa must be valid.
  • Passengers can book ticket by paying extra money and extra money is charge for cancellation and rescheduling.
  • Payment is necessary before issuing ticket.
  • Passenger might have discount code or offer availed.
  • Mode of payment can be card, cheque or cash. Payment for flights can be made in advance.
  • Payment includes different types of tax such as government, commission and airport tax.
  • There can be multiple travel agencies of an airline company.
  • In an agency there can be multiple travel agents.


Contact – This entity contains attributes such as home number, email, mobile number of the traveler which is required in order to communicate with the customer.

Traveler – This entity has attributes such as name of traveler, gender, nationality, passport number etc. The airline needs to keep record of these information of all the passengers in a flight.

Address – As the name of the entity applies, it holds information of whereabouts of the customers. This may be useful if something ever has to be perhaps mailed to the customer.

Flight – This entity holds information about the flight details itself such as name of departure, name of arrival terminal, and number of seats.

Airline Agency – Has attributes such as id airline, address, and branch office.

Schedule – Accounts the schedule of flights and has attributes such as time of departure, time of arrival, and duration of the flight.

Visa – Visa is obviously a very important tool in travelling; hence, we have an entity for it keeping information about the issue date of visa, expiry date and country.

Payment – Payment details from the customer to the airline for the booking of a ticket. It has attributes such as total amount payable, discount and commission (if any).

Tickets – Finally we have details about the ticket which has which type of class the customer has been assigned to (economy, first class etc.), total allowed baggage weight and status.

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