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Over the last few years things have changed a lot, not only in how we live, but also how we work, how we travel and most importantly how we communicate. Technology has a major role in this, as without technology all these changes were not possible (Richmand, A. and Triosi, J 2020). With technology it comes innovation, such as internet, mobile phones, computers and so many other smart things that we are not getting used to (Sasvari, P. 2013). Throughout this course I got to know a lot about innovation and how with the help of innovation anything is possible. The course CID Creativity, Innovation and Design has provided so much in depth about the media production skills, what tools to use, how to use and most importantly it has cleared a lot of concepts that I was not sure about or had absolutely no idea about. 

Learning Outcomes 

After completing this course, I am very much ascertaining that I will be entering in to business management side and I am sure that I will be able to use the knowledge and skills in business that I learned through this course. Though with no experience it won’t be easy to get into the profession I am aiming at, so first thing I would do is to get some experience by doing voluntary work. After proper experience I would try to merge my experience and my creative knowledge into my actual job, which I believe will come handy for the business company I will work for. As stated by Gerguri, S. and Ramadani, V (2010) for innovation to be successful, it is important that both technology and community is altered accordingly. 

Though there were many tools taught during the course and I must say and admit that all fo them were very useful, however some of them were just simply great and I cannot imagine myself not using them. 

Drobox: One of the most important tools is Dropbox, which lets you upload your files on computer, and you can share those files with colleagues, friends or even clients. The best part is that it doesn’t require you to carry your computer with you in order to be able to access those files, instead you can access any file remotely as long as you know your ID and PW. 

SEMRUSH: the other tool which totally changed my view about marketing and how companies are using various innovative tools to not only reach to their new customers but also to find out about their competitors, is SEMRUSH. With the help of SEMrush it helps you in identifying your target market, what strategies your competitors are doing and what innovative tactics are being deployed by them. So these are the two tools that I will be using in my future job for sure (Galak, O 2010).

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