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An admission essay is not the same as a normal essay and the pressure to stand out from your competitors might add more stress to your usual writing process. Acceptance rates of highly ranked universities have almost halved in the past years so you know that the competition is fierce! So what can you do to make your essay reflect your unique strengths while also making the admission committee notice your application? While colleges are adding more things to their list of admission prerequisites, you might want to consider asking for extra help about how to write an essay and its editing process. This article will help you get inspired to write your first draft and how our editors can help you make it better.

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It can be awfully intimidating to write the first sentence so the best way to create a kind of ‘mold’ for your essay is to browse the admissions page of the college you are applying to as it will enlist the exact type of students they are looking for. You will also find great guidelines about what to write in your essay and you can share this with your essay editor to get your essay closer to what you desire. 

Another way to find inspiration is to read some sample admission essays of past students. Notice in the essay examples how they began their essays, the flow, their thesis statement and how their voice is reflected with the use of their words.

If you feel that this research is encumbering you instead of simplifying the process for you, you can contact our professional editors for their personal writing tips and tricks. 

The specificity of an admission essay 

Remember that the admission committee does not want to get to the depth of who YOU ARE as a person but a concise summarization of your achievements, strengths, academic path and skills so they can see if you are the perfect candidate or not. 

Going to an editor will help you express all this in a better way. Maybe the things that you thought were insignificant about you are exactly what the university wants so the discussion and editing process will help you brainstorm these ideas and writing will become so much easier. 

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Structure and clarity (provided with clear comments and notes)

There are dozens of apps and websites for pointing out grammar and sentence structure mistakes but only a professional can tell you how well the paragraphs are tied together or where there are gaps in the story. You can not get too poetic and elusive in your essay either so do not write it like an art essay. This clarity check will come from editors who have read and improved hundreds of essays so you can be confident before sending out your essay that it is easy for a reader to comprehend and appreciate your story. 

Our essay editor will also give you honest comments and notes alongside the sentences of your essay or thesis statement. Using this annotation, you can rewrite the words to bring it closer to perfection. Receiving this analysis from a professional can be very valuable if you have been stuck somewhere and need direction. 

If you have always had trouble writing within a word limit, editors can help you cut out unnecessary details and give you suggestions in place of those words. 

Meet and discuss

Even if you are a professional writer, you still need professional feedback from those who have been engaged in the application process for universities like the ones you are applying to. Every word, every punctuation needs to be in a cohesive manner for you to make an impression on the admission officer so that when they read your words, they can smile and maybe remember them. 

The fact that you can meet and discuss the essay and go over it multiple times gives you a lot of liberty. The discussion can bring new ideas to the table that you might not be able to think about on your own

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