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A thorough edit for consistency of voice, tone, and organizational structure, as well as a first revision for language errors. Great for multi-author works and early drafts.

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The admission essay is an expression of your interest- this is one thing you can not just submit full of errors or lacking substance. You might have made your friends and teachers read it but you still might need an opinion from the perspective of someone who can tell you how it would be received by the admission committee of the university at the top of your priority list. 

Our experts have proofread and edited hundreds of admission essays-good and bad ones both so they know exactly where your essay might need some work and what needs to be eliminated completely. Admission essays are the most important component of any application and some universities, like the University of California, have even eliminated the need for an ACT or SAT test for admission and instead only ask for your essay in order to see your professionalism.  

Proofreading checks the following things in your admission essay

  • Grammar
  • Spelling 
  • Punctuation 
  • Consistency (how well the words flow) 

Before Editing

After Editing

Professional editing in just 24 hours

Proofreading is the last stage of writing your admission essay. After passing through the editor, all the major changes have been made (so your commas, pronouns and grammar still needs to be checked) and the structure of the essay in place. Check out essay examples to get a better idea of this. 

The word ‘proof’ comes from old printing practices when the final written text- the ‘proof’- was sent to the proofreader for a final look before the arranged letter tiles were sent to the printers for publishing. Consider this example as important as this last step in the publishing process. Once you send it out to the college you have been aiming to get into, there is no turning back. So all the tiny mistakes that you might have ignored will end up getting noticed by the admission committee and it will make a bad impression- decreasing your chances of admission tremendously. 

Why is proofreading important? 

The human mind has a negative bias so if the reader notices a small mistake, the entire attention is taken away from the narrative and focused instead on the error. This makes the reader think that the student has not put proper work into the essay. Reaching that immaculate level in your admission essay can be difficult if you do not have a professional proofreader who is well-versed in common grammatical errors. 

Remember, we can not let the admission committee think that the application was submitted half-heartedly at the last minute. 

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Some self-checking tips 

You know how to write an essay so you have made your first attempt. Before you bring your essay to a proofreader, it is important to go through these steps yourself as well: 

  • Organisation: In your opinion, does your essay seem well-organised to you? Or do you feel a jump when you’re going from one paragraph to another? Storytelling is important! 
  • Examples: Have you just written facts and statements without any supporting examples of anecdotes to support your point? 
  • Cover the given topic: While telling your story, it is important to address the question in the admission essay requirement. Make sure you have answered that question well. Write your thesis statement in the most straightforward manner (to answer the essay question) and build the essay upon the statement. 
  • Your voice: Print your essay and read it out loud. Does it reflect your true voice and expression? Staying genuine is crucial for success.

Meet and discuss

Even if you are a professional writer, you still need professional feedback from those who have been engaged in the application process for universities like the ones you are applying to. Every word, every punctuation needs to be in a cohesive manner for you to make an impression on the admission officer so that when they read your words, they can smile and maybe remember them. 

The fact that you can meet and discuss the essay and go over it multiple times gives you a lot of liberty. The discussion can bring new ideas to the table that you might not be able to think about on your own

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