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Amazon’s Marketing Strategy


Amazon is one of the giant company and captured almost 50% of online market with the help of rapid technological innovation. Amazon has greater focus on its customers rather than its rivals. In order to capture larger market, Amazon adopted reliable marketing strategy. Amazon has adopted different marketing strategies for its different products (Chaffey, 2020). 

In order to attract number of customers, Amazon applied cost leadership and customer centric approach. With the help of analyzing actual buying behavior of customers, Amazon targeted upper-class and middle-class people by categories them into two broad categories such as psychographic and demographic. It’s all marketing strategies is based on online media marketing, search engine marketing and mass marketing. In addition to this, Amazon product portfolio is wide which include books, DVDs, Kindle, Mobile phones, gamming consoles, clothes, jewelry and consumer durable goods. Such a large product portfolio keeps prices low and larger audience (Dudovskiy, 2020). 

Moreover, Amazon has invested in e-commerce and online business by acquiring,, and Amazon attract its customers with the help of online marketing channels such as sponsored search, associate programs, email marketing, TV advertising and promotional activities. Its promotional activities include free shipping, discounted coupons, lightening deals and low cost (Phillips, 2019).

Problem Statement

The study has been performed in order to examine and evaluate the Amazon’s current marketing strategy and its effectiveness with respect to the current external and internal environment with the help of different analysis frameworks such as SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis and BCG Matrix. 

Situational Analysis

In order to examine the Amazon’s marketing strategy and its competitive an extensive research has been performed by approaching different official websites and related articles. 

SWOT Analysis

It is the mostly used tool for having an internal analysis. It is the preliminary part of the strategic decision-making process of an organization. A detailed SWOT analysis of the Amazon’s marketing strategy has been performed in order to examine the internal position of the company (İ Yüksel, M Dagdeviren, 2010).

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