An analysis of Consumer Purchasing Behaviour

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Reliance on Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) approach is needed for all brands to assure that target consumers are approached in effective way and are better engaged with the brand. MacPac also makes substantial reliance on IMC strategy, whereby brand makes use of both traditional as well as contemporary channels of communication. The brand has historically struggled to maintain two way communication with its target consumers and thus recently it has formulated objective to develop better engagement with the focal consumers. The focus strategy is being followed by Mac Pac and only adventure loving group of audience is being targeted and direct selling is made to customers through company managed stores as well as e-commerce stores of the company. The demand of consumers for innovative technical gears is being acknowledge by Mac Pac in its strategy. The marketing approach of company utilized both online as well as traditional tactics to communicate with the target customers. 

Macpac provides exceptional quality products to its customers that too on high prices, based on the notion that quality conscious group of consumers is mainly targeted for technical clothing and camping equipment. Mac Pac positions itself as a brand that is targeted to address the interests of one specific group of buyers who love outdoor adventure, by delivering them innovative and high quality gears that can support their adventurous journey. 

Target Market Analysis

The selection of right target segment is highly important to ensure that needs of target consumers are well complied with the capability of brand, which is reflecting in brand’s offerings. The key products of MacPac are outdoor gears, sleeping bags, back packs and camping equipment, which show that only specific segment of market is being targeted by the brand (MacPac, 2020). 

Mac Pac has carefully chosen its target market by considering different characteristics of market into account. In terms of demographic segmentation, Mac Pac mainly serves consumers in New Zealand and Australia, who are approached through company managed stores as well as e-commerce platforms of the company (MacPac, 2020). The company offers technical gears for both genders who love camping and adventure. In terms of age, the company’s target segment is comprised of both men and women of all age groups and kids as well (MacPac, 2020). 

Based on high pricing strategy of company, people with high income level are being targeted by Mac Pac. both The psychographic segmentation approach is also being used by the company, whereby target audience of Mac Pac have active life style, they love adventure and go for camping. The consumers are highly quality conscious and are willing to pay for technical gears which are innovative, comfortable, useable and differentiated. In terms of consumers’ behavior, the benefit sought approach is adopted by Macpac, which shows that consumers maintain focus on benefits of the technical gears, outdoor clothing and camping equipment (MacPac, 2020). Mac Pac’s products are considered as highly beneficial and provide quality as well as comfort to consumers, which encourages positive behavior of consumers. 

The market of outdoor gears and camping equipment is increasing rapidly over the years. It has been highlighted that in New Zealand alone, this market offers revenue of $4.9 billion, which is expected to increase at CAGR 5.5% in the coming four years, till 2024 (Sport New Zealand, 2019). The users are penetrating in this market at high rate, given the notion that active lifestyle is being adopted by contemporary consumers based on enhanced awareness of health and wellness. Therefore, in order to address these trends, Mac Pac works with greater commitment to produce products that are appreciable by customers. 

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