analsying the current issues with the website of the University of Newcastle

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The University of Newcastle is a research University based in Australia. The university offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The University website is one of the channels through which the institution communicates with internal and external audiences. The website includes information regarding admission, research and innovation, community and alumni as well as industry linkages. The website also presents the latest news about the happenings across the University in addition to providing information about upcoming events. 


The objective of this report is to present a comprehensive plan to analyze the issues with the University of Newcastle website and propose modifications to the information system and specific processes that are a part of the system. The target audience of this report include the University’s marketing and communication team, IT department, project manager, website team and management of the University.

In the present situation the university department which has a request for content modification or addition of new content contacts the marketing and communication team with their proposed information. The marketing and communication team edits the content as required and relays it back to the university department which then sends it to the management for approval. The management then gets back to the university department with any changes or approvals and once the content has been finalized the university department contacts the IT department which publishes the story or content on the web. 

As per the proposed model, the University website will be improved by developing a centralized web content management system where relevant individuals or departments are granted the authority as publishers, content approvers and content writers. The system would eliminate the need of having inefficient communication channels in order to publish content on the University website. An assigned project manager and website team will handle the implementation of the web content management system. 

Stakeholder Analysis
The current stakeholders of the project are the project manager, the website team and the management of the University. The project manager is responsible for planning the web content management system, assigning resources, complying with the proposed schedule, implementing the project and generating results. The website team is responsible for the technical aspect of the web content management system such as devising the platform and managing its development, user testing and launch. the management of the University is also an important stakeholder for this particular project because the website is one of the primary communication channels of the university to communicate with the wide range of audiences including current and prospective students staff members parents research partners donors and sponsors. There for a streamlined content management process will improve the universities ability to communicate with its target audience by transmitting accurate information as per changing requirements.

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