Analysis og Australian Vintage Limited and Gage Roads Brewing Company

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Individual Reflective Writing:

The two companies that are assigned to our group are Australian Vintage Limited and Gage Roads Brewing Company. Both of these companies produced and supply alcoholic drinks in Australia, these companies have a wide range of alcoholic beverages in the country. Our task is to come up with a decision through analyzing the financial statement of both the companies that which of the two is worthy of getting 20,000 dollars investment. The first step that the group will take in this decision-making process is the analysis of the financial statements of both the companies over the four years. For example, during the FY19 of Gage Roads Brewing Company, the company’s profit was less in 2018 than 2019. The company saw continued growth in the last year as compared to 2018 (Appendix 1). Moreover, there was also a growth in sales from the past year in the Gage Roads Brewing Company (Appendix 2). When analyzing the financial statement of the Australian Vintage limited for the year 2019, we saw that there was also an increase in the annual net profit as compared to the FY18 (Appendix 3). The sales of the company also increased and also contributed to the future development of the company (Appendix 4). The analyses will be done on Word and Excel sheets with different headings; the heading in the sheets would be same for every year and for both the companies. In the word file the headings would be explained in the discussion section. The headings would be net profit, gross profit, current assets, total assets, total liabilities, sales percentage, stakeholders, shareholders holdings in the company and total equities. The task also requires us to write a report that will encompass a complete description of the companies, their history, how they are doing financially and the analysis that the group will employ to decide who is more deserving of the investment. This assignment will teach us how to make a decision cooperating with your group members.

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