Assessment 3 Critical Reflection Video

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The learning of any module is usually measured by conducting an exam. An exam allows for capturing the learning in a format that can be easily understood. However, the exam is an application of learning and therefore there is a need to understand the learning as well. For this purpose, a reflection statement (done through video in this case) is an appropriate strategy. This video shows my learnings regarding strategy and change management. 


Throughout this unit, I have learnt that today’s organizations exist in a rapidly changing environment. As a result, the organizations are undergoing a rapid change to achieve their preferred strategic state. Traditionally, five main stages of development are considered to exist for an organization: existence, survival, success, take-off and resource maturity. However, there is a need to understand that the stages can have different durations for different organizations depending on several factors including the external environment. Some of the changes in the external environment that impact the stage of an organization include changing competitors skills, changes in the community, changes in customer needs, international trade, and government regulations.

I have realized that an organization has to make touch strategic decision to develop internal possibilities to counter against challenges due to the external environment. However, considering the fact that changes are rapid, no preferred state can remain preferred for a long period. In order to remain competitive, an organization needs to take advantage of any change. The first step in this direction is to establish a strategic plan. I realized that while an organization can have a strategic plan, however implementing the plan successfully is another key challenge as it involves the implementation of goals, management of resources, and evaluation and control of organization performance. Thus, implementation of a strategic plan is tough as it requires an alignment of all organizational resources. In addition to the above hard factors of change management, there are several soft factors of change management including motivation, leadership, and culture. However, these factors have no direct visible influence on the outcomes of the change program. The underlying reason of lack of visibility of direct influence is that the impact of these soft factors cannot be managed reliably.

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