BUS8405 Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Management

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Assessment 3: Seminar

Prepare and present a seminar. The possible seminar topics are shown in the table below, you must select a topic you are *not* researching for your main research project. Only two people will be able to present each topic and sign up will happen in Week 3 in class.

Each seminar session will be 25 – 35 minutes. In this time you will need to present a 15 - 20 minute summary of the topic, then lead a 10 - 15 minute discussion or exercise involving the rest of the class.

Your presentation must refer to at least 4 academic journal articles as well as practical examples from news articles and industry publications. You can also draw on your own experiences. The summary must give the audience sufficient detail from the articles that they can apply the information and theories to other situations.

The activity/discussion needs to allow you to determine if your classmates have understood the material you have presented and the broader issues. You may use case studies, poster creation, role plays or any other method you feel is appropriate.

You will be graded for both content and presentation/poise. You will also be graded on your ability to keep your classmates involved and on task. Please refer to the marking guides on the following pages for further details.

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