Assessment Task 1: Case Study Analysis: Response to Issues/debates in Early Childhood STEAM Education

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Assessment task 1: Case study analysis: Response to issues/debates in Early Childhood STEAM education (2000 words equivalent, 50%)

This task aligns to unit teaming outcomes: 1,2 and 6

Essay style response to key questions, literature review on the issues/debates around STEAM education, current and emerging issues/trends in Early Childhood STEAM, reflect on the implications on how STEAM leaders approach STEAM education, application of STEAM to a variety of Early Childhood contexts You will he even three case studies  you can choose one and then respond to it by drawing on literature and policy documents. It is an expectation to have referenced at least 5 high quality scholarly references. A suggested format:

There are two parts

to this assignment:

A written

component and a

short 2-minute


Introduction (I0%):

  1. Outline of the issue/s in the chosen case study. For example, diversity in the understanding of teaching-learning of STEAM education
  2. Reflect on the issue/s and bring in your own experiences as a

STEAM educator/professional/leader

Synthesis (20%):

  1. Organise the review of empirical studies using headings and subheadings as required.
  2. A critical analysis of the impact of the issue's and the context in implementing STEAM education.
  3. Offer clear and comprehensive critique of the evidence that exists in support of, or provides a criticism of the issues at an individual, formal and informal early childhood settings, and STEAM levels.

Conclusion (15%):

  1. Identify possible gaps/implications evident in the critique of the literature as an educationally sound practice for STEAM teaching and leadership.
  2. Pose at least two recommendations for how you as the STEAM teacher/leader/professional can respond to the needs of the early childhood setting (e.g., what effective strategies can be used) and upload your response as a short 2 minute video (maximum). Provide a link to your video together with your written responses.

Academic Requirements (5%):

  1. Correct use of APA 7th for citing, referencing and formatting


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