Assignment 1- Reflective research paper

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Deakin University is among Australian universities that have established partnerships with other universities in the Asia region. According to Deakin Vice-Chancellor1, “In 2008, Deakin became the first Australian university to  open an independent office in Beijing. Since then, we have expanded our operations and collaborations, with  offices opening in Wuhan and Chengdu”. One of these partnerships is between the School of Engineering (SoE) 

at Deakin and Wuhan University of Science and Technology (WUST) in China. In this partnership SoE mechanical  engineering (ME) discipline partly delivers multiple units, including SEMW327 Dynamics of Machines unit, at  WUST with particular focus on Project Based Learning (PBL) approach (Chandrasekaran et al. 2012; Palmer & Hall  2011). Deakin then provides pathways to exchange students and postgraduate/honour degrees at Deakin. WUST  has a similar agreement with other universities in the USA and UK in other engineering disciplines. 

This partnership has benefited both institutions resulting in the extension of it to a second five years agreement.  The program offers a unique experience for the students at WUST and an opportunity for professional  development for WUST academics. I enjoy teaching this unit and interaction with WUST students and staff. For the topic of assignment 1 for EEE7402, I selected the planning, teaching and supporting learning for SEMW327.  I aim to use my learnings from the unit site (Doherty 2020) for effective teaching (Biggs 2011; Wilson & Conyers  2020) and professional development (Doherty 2011). For this purpose, I address Threshold standards  (Birmingham 2015), Constructive alignment (Biggs 2011), Aligning technologies (Jones 2007), Distance education (Anderson & Dron 2011), and Inclusive teaching (Burke & Grozier 2016; Festle 2020) concepts/methods for the  unit. The author of this report is the unit chair of the SEMW327 and presented this unit at WUST three times in a  row. He has 20 years of teaching experience in academia and industry in Iran, USA, Australia and China with 14 peer-reviewed publication relevant to this unitsuch as(Kebria et al. ; Pedrammehr et al. 2018; Qazani et al. 2015). The alignment of my scientific research and industry experience helps me in quality teaching which was  demonstrated through Deakin eVALUate surveys, where my unit was ranked the best unit of the SoE in T3-2017  and T3-20193.  

SEMW327 Dynamics of machines  

SEMW327 Dynamics of machines unit is a 3rd-year specialised core mechanical engineering which intends to  extend the students engineering knowledge ‘Declarative or propositional knowledge’ (Doherty 2020), and skills  in applying the Newtons laws of motion and force to multibody and complex systems ‘Procedural or functional  knowledge’ (Doherty 2020). It further enables them to use the learning for detailed engineering analysis and  designs at AQF4level 8 (Biggs 2011; Birmingham 2015). 

For instance, students will be able to explain the physics and perform mathematical analysis of the kinetics &  kinematics (positions, motions, velocities and accelerations) and the dynamics (force and torques) of given  multibody mechanical systems such as a human/robot arm (Figure 1), and use that to design, simulate or  optimise machines.

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