Assignment 4 - Reflective Journal

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The first stage as part of a research report is identifying a topic, defining the problem, developing a research question, writing approval submission and finalising team charter.  In my opinion, this is crucial in conducting a business research as there is a need to identify a topic and problem, to which the research will try to find a solution. My personal contribution is to ensure coordination among the team as I recall that during a brainstorming session, there were a lot of arguments among the team members. The intention behind all the arguments by team members was to ensure high-quality work. So, I worked on establishing coordination among the team members. I started with establishing a sequence for how we all will be communicating and I was also taking notes of the discussion. This approach helped us a lot as the quality of our brainstorming session improved drastically. We were able to define the problem precisely as we realised that it is necessary for a research topic and problem to be as specific as possible to enhance the quality of the research. We followed this principle in developing the research question as well and tried to ensure that our research question is as precise as possible. The task of working on approval submission was assigned to an individual team member. The task of working on the team charter was also assigned to an individual team member with other sharing their suggestions before and after the first draft was prepared by the concerned team member. 

The second stage as part of a research report is the literature review. In my opinion, a literature review is highly important for any research as it acts as the theoretical framework for any research. Since the topic that we were focusing on is not a novel topic (had it been a novel topic, there would have been no prior literature to refer to), there was a need to review the existing literature on the topic to increase our understanding of the topic and also identify certain research gaps that we can aim to bridge through our research project. With the above intention, we approached conducting the literature review. The first aspect that we needed to focus on was to collect relevant and high-quality literature. One of the team members was good with using keywords for collecting the research. While the obvious approach would have been to assign the literature collection to him, however, we as a team decided that this is a learning opportunity for us, so we asked the team member to share his approach with us. Based on insights from his approach, we all decided to collect literature on an individual basis. To avoid duplication, I suggested that we create a google sheet, where each one of us uploads the details of the article we are reviewing.  This was followed by the screening of the articles by us, where we discarded the old articles as many of the new studies had already included the insights from the earlier studies. This was followed by each of us individually summarising the articles collected by us. This was followed by me proposing a draft outline along which the literature review could be conducted. Based on the team suggestions, we finalised the outline. Then, based on a discussion, we divided different parts of literature review among ourselves, with me assigned the responsibility of compiling the work and proofreading. As part of a proofreading, I focussed on ensuring that there are no grammatical errors. After checking for grammatical errors manually, I also used Grammarly to further enhance the quality of the literature review. I also analysed the literature review using Turnitin, to check for plagiarism as I understand the importance of any academic work being free from any plagiarism. I recall there were some plagiarism issues with the content written by one team member and plagiarism checker showed similarity with various sources. I realised that had he copied from one source, there would have been high similarity with one source, instead it was a low similarity with various sources, so we asked him to paraphrase to ensure that there is as low as similar as possible. Looking back, I feel that conducting the literature review was a great learning as I am hopeful that this learning will help me to conduct academic projects on my own.

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