AT1.2 Assessment Task

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3. There is an inter relationship between the workplace bullying and the three incidents identified in the report forms. All of the incidents are related to the stress induced by bullying of the supervisor and the resulting unintentional unwatchful behavior of the paramedic due to the mental stress he was facing.

  • Workplace bullying is a serious harm to a worker's health, both mental and physical. Most commonly, it results in serious consequences towards the psychological health outcomes and wellbeing of a person. This is also the common denominator of the injury and a near missed incident identified in the current scenario. For example, when the non-emergency first responder was not vigilant enough to locate a nail present in his way while carrying a patient, the main reason was his mental stress which kept him so occupied all the time that he could not focus on his job anymore. Similar is the reason for the near missed incident of the scenario too. Due to constant anxiety about his job, future, bullying and over burdening situation of the workplace, he forgot to tie the belts of the patient thus leading to the near missed incident. Behind this also, is his poor psychological health.

4. The reporting procedure includes:

  • information about workplace area;
  • employee’s occupation, activities, job duration and length of employment;
  • information about the body parts affected or were to be affected (in case of near missed incidents);
  • the actual injuries and illnesses;
  • mechanism of injury, that is, how it occurred;
  • the type of incident and injury;
  • the time at which the incident occurred; and
  • a witness to the injury or a near missed incident

Since the supervisor is involved in bullying, therefore in this scenario the form will be handled by the manager who will gather all the information, data and records.

Next, these forms shall be forwarded to Health and Safety Committees (HSCs) which serve as a means to facilitate consultation for larger organizations.

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