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Exploring the World of Biotechnology in Australia

If you want to study biotechnology and are wondering what your options would look like if you decide to pursue any of the biotechnology courses being offered in Australia, keep reading to find out some handy information. Career planning can take a lot of time and research but you can begin by exploring the field of biotechnology in Australia. The industry is highly focused on developing new technologies and applying it to improve healthcare and the environment which makes it an attractive place to start your research. 

Australian biotechnology experts have discovered a new range of therapies for different diseases and genetic disorders. The academic research community is very strong and the core areas are immunotherapy, stem cells and gene therapy. There are also new medical devices that improve the diagnosis. Animal health and biocontrol of pests also improves the agricultural practices in Australia. To save the environment, bioremediation, environmental monitoring and renewable energy sources are always under development. 

Understanding the Fundamentals of Biotechnology

The development of products and technologies based on biological systems, organisms and processes is called biotechnology. Some of the key concepts within biotechnology are:

  • Genetic engineering: This deals with the manipulation of DNA of organisms to improve existing ones or create new ones
  • Bio processing: Microorganisms are used to ferment or produce specific compounds. Enzymes are also used to catalyse chemical reactions 
  • Bioreactors: Vessels or systems that support or control biological processes used in industrial biotechnology 
  • Biosensors: These are used for biological or chemical signal detection so contaminants and other substances can be detected and measured 
  • Bioinformatics: Large datasets of genetic data is processed through data analysis and computer science to model the processes 
  • Synthetic biology: Techniques are used to construct new biological systems and organisms through the use of bio processing 

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Biotech Research in Australia: Achievements and Challenges

Some notable achievements in the field of medical and agricultural biotechnology are:

  • Biotech companies in Australia have developed vaccines for cervical cancer, meningococcal B, flu and various other diseases 
  • Genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis have been researched and progress has been made with gene therapy 
  • There have also been innovative cancer treatments which have shown promising results 
  • Genetically modified crops are developed to withstand pests and climate change which increased crop yields 

Biotechnology study is still very expensive and requires more funding. Talent retention has also been difficult as well. The research requires companies to go through the complex regulatory framework so authorities need to address these challenges. 

Promising Biotech Companies in Australia

There are many biotech companies making significant contributions in the field. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • CSL Limited produces plasma-derived therapies and vaccines that have saved millions of lives 
  • CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines, masks and other accessories for respiratory conditions are all produced by ResMed 
  • Atomo Diagnostics is the company famous for the production of the rapid blood test for COVID-19 that provided results in 15 minutes 
  • Cell-based therapies for heart diseases, cancer and inflammatory diseases are developed at Mesoblast biopharmaceutical company
  • Nanosonics makes disinfection systems through UV light to kill bacteria and viruses in medical devices 

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Opportunities in the Booming Biotech Industry

The biotech industry is a lucrative field for those who are interested in any of the fields mentioned above and Australia’s industry has many options for biotechnology study and career:

  • Research and development to discover new products and therapies as knowledge is required in the areas of genomics and bioinformatics 
  • Clinical research coordinators, data managers, and biostatisticians are required for be clinical trials held for testing the products 
  • Professionals are required to navigate the regulatory affairs related to the laws and regulations that companies need to comply with 
  • Manufacturing is another area that requires a trained workforce for quality control, supply chain management, etc. 
  • Entrepreneurship is an excellent field because biotech industry is ripe for new opportunities 

Pursuing a Career in Biotechnology in Australia

If you’ve made a decision to study biotechnology and pursue it as a career in Australia, you can follow these steps to ensure success:

  • Choose a biotechnology degree that is relevant and helps you prepare for your career
  • Internships and work experience are very important as you need to gain valuable skills
  • Network with the professionals in the industry and learn about possible career opportunities
  • Further education and training can help you stand out in the job market and provide more prospects 
  • You can apply in job titles like research scientist, regulatory affairs specialist, clinical research associate, bioprocess engineer or business development manager in biotech companies
  • Stay updated with the industry development by reading all the latest research and attending conferences to stay informed for career development 

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Biotech Education in Australia: Programs and Institutions

Many prestigious Australian universities offer Bachelor's in biotechnology degrees  and other relevant courses for biotechnology study as well. Take a look at the list of biotechnology degrees below so you can see which one resonates with you: 

  • The University of Melbourne offers a Bachelors of Biomedicine program that covers subjects like molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, and biotechnology. You can check out the Unimelb website here for more information 
  • Monash University is a well-respected institution that offers Bachelor of Biotechnology program that teaches important biotech skills and gives opportunities to work with industry partners as well 
  • The Bachelor of Biotechnology program at University of Queensland offers molecular biology, genetic engineering, and bioprocessing. There is also a Masters of Biotechnology program 
  • Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology program and Master of Biotechnology program are offered at University of Sydney which focuses on molecular and cellular aspects of biotechnology, as well as ethical and social considerations

Check out La Trobe University, RMIT University and Queensland University of Technology as well for similar degrees. 

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