BIZ107 Understanding Self and Others

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Assessment Task

For this assessment, you will record a 10 to 20-minute conversation with a peer exploring the concept of social and cultural diversity. You will then compose a 1000-word journal reflecting on how the experience has developed your social and cultural awareness and how you can apply your learning to work well with others in a professional context.

Please refer to the Instructions section for details on how to complete this task.


Social and cultural awareness is a critical skill for you to be able to work well with others in order to participate successfully in the workplace. Research has shown that organisations comprising employees from a range of different social and cultural backgrounds demonstrate higher levels of creativity and innovation, resulting in greater success for the business. Such diverse teams perform well because members feel less uncomfortable with differences – where homogeneity within an organisation might make teamwork and collaboration seem easier, but in reality, it does not actually correlate with increased performance. A key to self- directed learning is reflection. Reflection develops the ability to examine situations to better understand the surrounding context and identify potential improvements for the future.

By engaging in a conversation with a peer from a different social and/or cultural background, this assessment will expose you to different experiences and perspectives. Your reflection on this learning will help you manage relationships with diverse colleagues in the workplace to enhance organisational productivity.


To complete this assessment, you will undertake two (2) tasks:

Task A: Record a 10 to 20-minute conversation with a peer

  1. Your Learning Facilitator will randomly assign students into pairs. Within your pairs, determine at least two ways that you are different – these may be:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Culture
    • Religion
    • Indigenous identity
    • Ability
    • Sexuality
    • Socio-economic background
    • Relationship status
    • Other?

Note: Please only discuss elements of your social and/or cultural identity that you are comfortable sharing.

  1. Record a 10 to 20-minute conversation that captures your and your partner’s understanding of each other’s socially and/or culturally different experiences and perspectives (equivalent to approximately 5 to 10 minutes of speaking time per person).
  2. Use the guiding questions below to inform the direction of your conversation:
  3. How would you describe your social and/or cultural identity?
  4. What are you most proud of having achieved in your life so far and why?
  5. What obstacles have you faced in your life so far, and how did you overcome them?
  6. What industry do you work in or hope to work in, and how do you think you can/will contribute to a socially and culturally diverse, equitable, and inclusive current/future workplace?
  7. Save the recording as a .mp3 file – either by one student who then shares the recording with the other student, or both students record the

Note: Both students must upload a recording of the conversation as an appendix to their individual reflective journals.

Task B: Compose a 1000-word reflective journal

  1. Review the Essential Resources on the concept of social and cultural awareness in Module 5

and Module 6.

  1. Compose a reflective journal based on the insights gained from your conversation with your Address the following guiding questions:
    1. What did you learn about a different social and/or cultural identity from your conversation with your peer?
    2. What did you learn about yourself from your conversation with your peer? Did it reveal any conscious or unconscious prejudice or bias?
    3. What teamwork and collaboration skills are important for fostering social and cultural awareness in the workplace and why?
    4. What actions or strategies can/will you employ to promote social and cultural awareness in your current/future workplace?
  2. Consider the following points when developing your reflective journal:
    1. Application of topic-related vocabulary
    2. Spelling, punctuation and grammar
    3. Layout, paragraphing and sequencing of content
  3. Integrate at least four (4) references to academic sources from Module 5 and/or Module 6 Essential Resources using the current TUA APA style referencing guide.


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