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“Black Lives Matter”

Since the advent of mankind, it has been a dilemma of many communities across the globe that in urge of supremacy, power and expansion of kingdom they are invaded by the powerful leaders or tribes and are suppressed, deprived of their deserved rights in their own lands. Australian aborigines and Torres Strait islanders are among such ancient communities who being least developed or skilled according to that time that is in 18th century were invaded by the British and subdued on their own ancestral Australian land. 

It is believed that Australian aborigines are among the most ancient people on earth, according to historians, these ancient people had been living on Australian main lands and Torres Strait islands, since hundreds of years before the British landed there in 1770. Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders though living on Australian lands and islands since the same time period and being equal victim of British colonization, are two distinct communities in terms of beliefs, languages, customs and identity.

Aborigines are the people living on lands, though a good percentage of Torres Strait islanders also live on main lands but they relate their identities with their respective island. Aborigine’s belief is based on dreams i.e., the world is a creation of some spirits. Whereas, Islanders belief is based on a myth of a fisherman ‘Tagai’. Tagai is the super hero of Islanders. Thus, beliefs of both the communities is based on myths, and the same in the form of stories and songs is transferred to the next generations.

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