Boost Juice: a SWOT analysis

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All organizations or companies are in pursuit of a common goal that is earning profits through their services or products. Whereas, in urge of more profits and in consideration of the constantly changing consumer’s demands, organizations continuously modify their products to cope up with the consumers most preferred choices. As such, successful organizations are the ones who can efficiently identify the exact needs of the consumers and produce a product that is more in demand.

Since few years demand of health products is constantly growing. As stated by Alsisi, Ashaab, & Abualfaraa (2020) that Social media has provided a remarkable means of delivering health information broadly and in a cost-effective way, undoubtedly it has played a great role in enhancing health awareness among the global communities. Specially, busy people are always looking for products that can furnish their daily need of essential nutrients without consuming much time. Being a student owing to my busy schedule I also had been trying varied products which could provide me with enough energy to carry on with my daily tasks without wasting time in preparation of meals. Finally, I came across ‘Boost Juices’, and for the last 2 years I’m one of the repeated customers of the same company. 

Being a regular customer, frequently visiting the sale points of ‘Boost Juice’, and acquiring their online service I got familiar with their mode of operations and how the company started. ‘Boost Juice’, is an idea of its founder Janine Allis. Allis is now among the most prominent entrepreneurs in Australia. She is of the view that one should live a healthy life, and believes that fruits and vegetables are the best source of energy to keep us healthy. I believe that her philosophy “love life” and acknowledging deficiency of nutrients in our regular meals influenced her to establish juice business. Main theme of ‘Boost Juice’, is to provide daily requirements of proper nutrients extracted from the fresh fruits and vegetables. I was under the impression that ‘Boost Juice’, is some franchise or a subsidiary of some multinational chain but a senior chef at one of the sale point added to my knowledge that the company started its operations from Allis’s home kitchen. 

As stated by Sanderson (2016) that demand for ‘healthy’ foods has risen dramatically in recent years as consumers select foods that are healthy, natural, organic or whole, and considering the ingredients used for Boost Juice products, I can foresight a prosperous future of ‘Boost Juice’. How it was possible for the company to expand its operations, and why I am predicting a prosperous future for the company, SWOT analysis would be the most ideal criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of Boost Juice main business and its progress in the long run. A SWOT analysis helps to understand the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats (Pilinkienė et al, 2017).

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