BSBHRM412 Support Employee and Industrial Relations - Assessment Task 2

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Assessment Task 2 – Project

For this task, you may use & research about a company you work with or any company of your choice. Research about the company, its organisational objectives & growth, policies & procedures, employee & industrial relations processes.

Part A – ER & IR Processes

Read and analyse various policies & procedures of the chosen company, then answer the question below:

  1. What are the various methods of communicating industrial relation matters to employees at your workplace/ the company of your choosing?
  2. For any employee or industrial relations policy or procedure in your workplace or the company of your choice, list three pieces of data you could use to monitor its implementation.
  3. Provide an example how you would Support a manager and an employee with dealing with a grievance or You should include the following:
    • Gather relevant evidence
  • Communicate with all parties to try and facilitate understanding
  • Arrange necessary

Part B – Support Industrial Relations

  1. Assuming you are a facility manager at the company of your choice and a new team member has been shifted to your team from the customer care team with the The team member had requested a shift as she is unable to work the long & odd shift timings within the customer care department and was also expecting an increment in her salary package. However, she seems to be unhappy about the fact that the shifts are not very different in this department either and that she is not really getting any increment even after working diligently for 2 years.

You are required to conduct a meeting with the new team member (role played by trainers or a fellow student). During the meeting you must discuss the following ER & IR documents & processes:

  • Applicable legislations, policies &
  • Identify relevant terms & conditions of employment, employee entitlements, awards, agreements & individual work
  • Identify the grievance resolution process in case she wishes to register a
  • Provide support in negotiation of employee awards, agreement & workplace condition and in resolution of simple ER

The Role play will be assessed by the trainer/ assessor as per the checklist below:

  1. After the meeting you must document all discussed matter in a Meeting Minutes document and share the same with the team
  2. Another team member has emailed you about how they have been subjected to bullying and harassment by their line manager on more than one They have indicated that they would like to resign if this issue is not resolved. You are required to draft an email to the concerned team member detailing the following:
    • Workplace conflict resolution process
  • Advise about how you would further investigate the
  • Advise the timeline you would follow to resolve the

Part C – Contribute to Continuous Improvement

Assuming you have identified issues in the ER & IR processes within the chosen company, you are required to provide a short report (400 words) to the company management about the same. Within the report identify and explain the following:

  • Issues identified
  • Suggestions for monitoring Implementation
  • Suggestions for continuous improvement activities
  • Continuous Improvement schedule/ format to be implemented.

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