BSBHRM613 Contribute to The Development of Learning and Development Strategies - Assessment 3: Presentation

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Prepare for the presentation                                                                                                      

Imagine that you have recently worked in developing and implementing a learning strategy for an organization. Now local RTO has invited you to present your thoughts to their students and the academic team. They would like to implement an L&D policy in their organization. They want to consult you for suggestions. And you think it would be a good idea to give them a presentation. Gather relevant information and prepare a presentation on the following -

  1. Explain how a learning plan could achieve organizational strategic requirements.
    • Attract and retain Traditionally, learning focused solely on improving productivity.
    • Develop people capabilities. Human capital requires ongoing investments in L&D to retain its value.
    • Create a values-based culture.
    • Build an employer brand.
    • Motivate and engage employees.
  1. Share your experience in planning and developing a learning
  2. How did you manage compliance and other regulatory matters while implementing your learning policy?
    • Identify applicable regulations. Determine which laws and compliance regulations apply to the compaNy's industry and operations.
    • Determine requirements.
    • Document compliance processes.
    • Monitor changes, and determine whether they apply
  1. How did you evaluate your strategy to which has been recently implemented in your organization?
    • Internal
    • Consistency with the environment.
    • Appropriateness in the light of available resources.
    • Satisfactory degree of risk.
    • Appropriate time horizon.
  1. Outline your plans for continuous improvement (of L&D strategy).


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