BSBXCS402 Promote Workplace Cyber Security Awareness and Best Practises

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Introduction to the Unit

  • Businesses need to address Cyber Security Issues – Seriously
  • Resources & Budget needs to be realistic
  • Do not react after a breech – Plan before to avoid brand embarrassment

Cyber Security Basics

  • IT security is a practice designed to securely protect and safeguard data utilising various forms of technology. This can include data in electronic or paper-based form
  • Cybersecurity is designed to secure against attacks through the internet, especially unauthorised access to computer systems and data connected to the internet. Cyber security is all about protecting data in its electronic form. This includes implementing technology in order to protect this electronic data. These attacks may be internal or external in origin.

Organisational Data Security #1

  • data breach occurs when data that is unintentionally left vulnerable in an unsecured environment is viewed by someone who shouldn’t have access to that data.
  • data hack occurs when a person intentionally looks for, finds, and exploits the weakness in computer systems and/or networks to gain access.

Organisational Data Security #2

  • Business continuality interruption (the organisation's operations are disrupted)
  • Damage to the organisation's reputation
  • Loss of business data
  • Compensation needing to be paid to the organisation's customers
  • Legal costs and court fines
  • Expenses such as investigation and auditing to find out what went wrong

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