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Assignment #2 - Overview and instructions

Students will undertake further critical analysis of the problem introduced in Assessment 1, from a systems perspective. Students will develop a systems map of how various actors and factors contribute to, or inhibit, the problem being investigated. Students will draw on, and justify the system dynamic model, using existing data. Students will be asked to provide an audio description of their systems model and its main components and a written reflection about systems thinking.

Weight: 30% Length: 1,500 words. I Due (indicative): Week 9 (N.B. there are two parts to this assignment)

Your written reflection will be a maximum of 500 words f+ / - 10%). (Note: The assumption is made that the oral component is equivalent to 750 words, and the map is equivalent to 250 words.)

Q Detailed instructions for Assignment #2

You will create and orally describe a systems map of the factors and actors of modern day slavery in your chosen industry. This assignment has 2 components:

  1. A systems map (we will be using causal loop diagrams for this I together with your oral explanation of the map.
  2. Written reflection of systems thinking and the implications of your map.

Part 1- Systems map and associated oral explanation

(:)2 Systems Map

The first stage of this process is to set a boundary to the system by selecting a particular industry, or even part of an industry. For example you can look at fashion or you can look at a specific sub-section (e.g. footwear) or even smaller (e.g. athletic footwear). The reason you do this is to have specific information about that industry, no you are not trying to map everything but just the specific elements. Additionally if you do look at footwear, then you may also be also looking at actors and factors involved in the process of making components of the shoes, such as plastic / rubber for the soles as well as the materials for the upper (fabric).

You could also bound the system by focusing an one or a few countries relevant to your industy, to keep assignment manageable. Gather information from existing sources on the key elements of the system:

  • The actors (so which are the main organisations involved). The best way to do this is to undertake a stakeholder analysis.
  • The factors (such as contextual elements, causes, effects and processes). A goad way to start this is to do a PESTLE analysis
  • How do these actors and factors interact in order to cause slavery?
  • Think in terms of causes and consequences.
  • The information needs to be from reputable sources such as government departments, academic research, think tanks, news sources, etc.
  • Create a reference list of the sources you used to create the map.

From this information you will create a systems (causal loop) map, which explores the problem from a systems perspective. We will be working in class and in the tutorials on how to develop these. As discussed in class, how you create the map is up to you but as you will need to provide an audio explanation, it is much easier to do so Miro or similar software).

Audio description of your systems map dynamics

Having created your systems atop you will need to talk about the map.

In the past students have lost marks as they have not talked through their system maps dynamics. Also some students clearly just copied an example or a previous student's assignment. 5y providing an oral description we are individually authenticating your assessment

You will need to record an oral (verbal) description of the main components of your system diagram and systems thinking in 3-5rnins. This should include:

  • an overview of the system being drawn {industry and context)
  • the main components of the system

Key stakeholders (top 3 or 4)

Key factors (top 3 or 4)

The system archetypes (i.e. balancing and reinforcing loops, more complicated archetypes if you have found them)

You will need to also attach the evidence for your map as appendices {e.g. Stakeholder analysis, PESTLE analysis and Reference list). You will submit:

  • The system map with an oral explanation of the map,
  • Appendices / Attachments:

PESTLE Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis

Reference list

Please refer to the assignment submission portal details and CRA for further information about what is expected at each grade level. Please note there is second part to this assignment, which is the written component {see part 2 below).

Part 2 - Reflection of systems thinking and evidence for your causal loop diagram

The final part of Assignment #2 is a short reflection on systems thinking and how this helps to understand the causes and consequences of systemic evil, such as modem slavery. The consequences or impact) on the lives of those impacted by slavery should be made clear and the consequences of leaving the system unchanged should be clearly articulated. Finally, why systems thinking is important to understand the nature of the problem should be explained.

Word Count; Your written reflection will be a maximum of 500 words (+1- 10%)

Y();' Suggested outline for your Written reflection:


Brief description of your chosen industry

  • Size, scale, importance
  • Make cleat the context and system boundary for your industry

Overview systems thinking

  • How does a systems perspective help you understand modern slavery as an ethical issue
  • What is the impact on the lives of those impacted by modern slavery
  • The consequences of leaving the system unchanged

The written reflection text should be clearly linked to the systems map you have developed.


Please see the section on how to complete this assignment Alignment 02 - Overview and instructions

For this assignment you will need to upload your causal loop systems map, oncLyou will need to upload an audio description of your systems map. This can be done in software, such as Miro

or in Powerpoint.

We will work through in class what this looks like and how to do this step by step. Your map should include all of the elements covered in class and needs to he linked to your evidence.

Your audio should focus on, and highlight

  • The main dynamics of the systems map, particularly the archetypes
  • The impact that the archetypes the main ones) have on system dynamics and the consequences of inaction
  • How a systems perspective can support socially responsible, ethical decision making.
  • Consequences of the system being unchanged.


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