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BUS5102 Supplier and Consumer Behaviour

Customer centricity is critical in sustaining and nurturing any 21st Century enterprise. This unit focuses on the interrelationship between supplier and consumer behaviour and on the application of these drivers to overall organisational performance and sustainability. BUS5102 Supplier and Consumer Behaviour considers the key elements that contribute to an organisation’s success. By taking the view that any enterprise is dependent upon, and therefore must be supportive of its entire ecosystem, Supplier and Consumer Behaviour focuses on a contemporary understanding of end-to end configuration of the enterprise for optimum customer satisfaction in a complex and adapting market place. Building on theories of complex adaptive systems, theory of constraints, data driven continuous improvement, and consumer and seller psychology, this unit explores the complex and inter-relational nature of contemporary enterprises. On completion of this unit students will be able to explain and apply the principles of supplier and consumer behaviour in complex organisational ecosystems.

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