BUS5DWR Data Wrangling and R

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Topic overview

In Weeks 5 and 6 you have learnt how to wrangle data in R using text editors and Excel. In this assessment, you will demonstrate your knowledge of various data formats, their pros and cons through independent research, and your data wrangling skills with text editors and Excel. Before starting, please carefully read the entire assessment to make sure you understand the requirements, the submission format and marking rubrics. This assessment has two parts.

Assessment criteria

This assessment will measure your ability to:

Part 1

  • Complete independent research (15%)
  • Answer questions with appropriate clarity and depth (15%)

Part 2

  • Prepare data (assess after import, correct and prepare data) (40%)
  • Analyse and document data with appropriate depth and clarity (summarise data in a pivot table) (30%)


  • Part 1 will test your fundamental knowledge of various data formats, web crawling, index and NoSQL databases, as covered in Week 5.
  • Part 2 requires you to demonstrate your data wrangling skills using SQL and Excel.
  • This assessment will cover content from Weeks 5 and 6.
  • This is an individual, open book assessment.
  • The assessment will open one week prior to the due date.
  • It will take you approximately five hours to complete this assessment. There is no time limit, and this is just an estimate to help you plan your time. You are allowed to spend more than five hours to complete the assessment, but you must ensure to submit it before the due date.
  • There are negative markings if the submission guidelines mentioned below are not followed. Please ensure you read the submission guidelines thoroughly.
  • Penalty will apply for late submissions unless a request for special consideration is made at least three days prior to the due date. You are required to submit a medical impact statement prepared by a professional practitioner to support your request for late submission. You can find more details about request for late submission on the Reasons and documentation page.

Submission format

Your submission for this assessment is required to have two files:

  1. Wordfile that contains all the answers, divided into three sections:
    1. section 1: answering the four questions from part 1
    2. section 2: answering question 4 from part 2
    3. section 3: documenting all the steps done in part 2.
  2. An Excelfile that has all the calculations and results of part 2. Note that if this file is missing or the content of this file does not match the answers in the Word file, no mark will be awarded for part 2.

In keeping with La Trobe University policy, all assignments are to be submitted in Moodle via Turnitin.

To be accepted, your assessment submission must generate a similarity score (you are responsible for checking this). If your submission does not generate a similarity score, it cannot be checked for plagiarism and therefore will not be marked. Please note, it may take some time for a similarity score to be generated so it advised that you check in one hour after you have submitted your assessment. Submissions that have a high similarity to the answers in another submission will be considered plagiarism/collusion.

Referencing guidelines

Please use APA 7th edition / Harvard as your referencing style


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