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Business Intelligence Tutoring Service: A+ Grades & On-Time Submission

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Business Intelligence Overview 

Every modern business organisation needs to make informed and competitive strategies and goals for consistent growth. This can be done by the proper collection (data mining), integration, analysis, and presentation of business information. Business Intelligence is the study of the collection and analysis of the operational data. Data warehouses are created from the operational data, then data mining and analysis is performed on it to gain insight on the organization's operations.  

Different kinds of case studies are used to explore the application softwares that form the BI (Business Intelligence). This subject is the intersection of technology and business decision making regarding finances and customer relationships. From the data warehouse, the OLAP (Online analytical processing) and OLTP (Online transaction processing) is performed to answer the many complex queries. Students also learn how to use different softwares to generate reports using the graphical visualisation of the data. 

All these can sound like alien concepts if a business student does not have a background with technology and how business databases are created and managed. Tutoring can smoothen your learning process by helping you understand the concepts better and giving you step by step guidance for your coursework.

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Areas of interest:

Data mining

Large datasets are analysed to look for patterns, trends and anomalies using different techniques. This information can then be used to decrease expenditure, increase revenues, decrease risks and improve customer relationships. 

Cloud technology

For businesses to be more agile and competitive, they can store and access data from online databases so they don’t have to buy and maintain equipment.

Big data consultation

Big data consultants use your company’s and the market’s data to perform advanced data analytics. 

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