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Apart from our academic editing services, we have a separate specialist team of professional editors dedicated to editing business documents, which include:

Business plans

Reports and brochures


Marketing and advertising copy

Corporate blog posts

Press releases


Your team has come up with great ideas and documented everything but you still don’t feel sure about sending it ahead. Having a strong acumen for business does not guarantee that your written communication would be just as effective so this might drain your hardwork and creativity when the reader at the other end of your business proposal does not respond as you expected. Every word and comma matters. 

There might be some flaws that escaped your eyes or some missing technical jargon that will make your document look much more professional. Focusing on the subject matter of business plans, marketing campaigns, etc. and holding meetings to discuss these agendas is time-consuming so the last stage of proofreading is always neglected. Proofreading is a long and painstaking task that requires careful and repetitive reading and revision of the document to pick out every irregularity in the writing flow. Due to the small errors, the reader will feel like you did not put enough effort into the document before sending it to them. 

Our team of expert business editors takes care of your business proofreading needs so you can have quality communication with other businesses, clients, etc. We cater to corporate entities, entrepreneurs, government entities, etc. This is extremely important to maintain a good brand reputation and stay consistent during business communication to achieve your objectives. While you focus on your core product and services, we will provide you with powerful business documents that stand out so your intended audience receives error-free and well-structured information from your end. 

Working under a reasonable downtime, we ensure that your business documents convey their message as effectively as possible with the following services: 

Professional editing in just 24 hours

Check your spelling, punctuation and grammar:

Professional proofreaders do not use apps and softwares to pick out errors to check spellings. They read out each word slowly and diligently to see what message it would communicate to a reader who is reading it for the first time. You and your team might have read the document a million times and the small fallacies will be invisible to you at this point. We can deliver this meticulous work within a very short time so you can confidently go ahead and press send on the email. 

Ensure clarity:

How the ideas sound in your head is not necessarily how it sounds on paper. The words you have chosen to express yourself are not always accurate or too informal for a business document. A proofreader will understand your point of view and reword it according to the target audience so that it is understandable and removes any room for confusion from the written communication. Remember that when your potential client or any important business connection receives the text or email, you are not there to explain your opinion so accurate communication must be ensured.

Best use of business jargon:

In order to make the right impression and improve the perception of your company, it is important to communicate with professionalism. Concise and impactful messaging within the text that speaks to the audience is important to create a business persona subconsciously for whoever reads the document. The bottomline is that the correct business jargon conveys a message that you are serious about what you are doing and you do not want your message to be misconstrued. 

Formatting for different business standards:

Resumes, press releases, flyers, etc. all have different formatting styles to cater to different audiences. This can be difficult to understand for business owners or employees so without a professional proofreader, you might make some mistakes when creating the document. We will fit your text according to the requirement and format the document according to your need.  

Staying within a word limit:

Superfluous and redundant text will make your reader bored and they will just skim through the long document without understanding the point you are trying to make. This lack of clarity creates a gap in communication and the email you wrote might be followed by a phone call to get further description of what you sent them. Avoid these embarrassing mistakes and submit your document to us. When there is short and direct communication, both the sender and receiver are happy and satisfied and this leads to higher chances of landing that deal you had been planning. 

Making an order is easy. Just enter the required details in the form on this page and instantly get a quote for your order! Once you submit an order, you will be matched with an editor who has specialised skill in that area and has a close understanding of the kind of work you require.    

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