BUSM2639 Foundations of People Analytics

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In Assessment 3 you will work in groups (maximum of 3 in a group and same group as for A2) to produce a 15-minute video presentation. You will use tools such as Excel, Power BI, Tableau or SPSS to explore relationships, predict future trends, and prescribe managerial actions based on a dataset provided. You will explain your analysis, stakeholder impact and findings to the Australian Outdoors management team in the 15-minute video presentation. In this assessment you will meet Assurance of Learning #AoL6 Critically Engaged: Option 3 to formulate and justify decisions based on empirical evidence and research. Each student is to contribute equally to the presentation; therefore, all group members should be visible in the video and speak for an equal amount of time. Note: one student should not speak for the entire video.

Learning Outcomes

The targeted Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) for this assessment are:

  • CLO1: Evaluate the contribution that people analytics can make, using real-world examples, to improving experience, performance and outcomes for people and organisations.

CLO2: Explore and evaluate different sources of information about people, and the information systems in which they are kept.

CLO3: Examine the importance of good quality data and effective data governance to robust analytics.

CLO4: Evaluate how different analytical strategies can be used to inform decision-making about managing people in organisations.

CLO5: Recommend ethical and effective approaches to conducting people analytics.

Marking Criteria

This assessment will measure your ability to:

  • Analyse and report findings of the data to inform the management.
  • Provide evidenced-based solutions to the management.
  • Produce a compelling video to inform the management.

Assessment Details

Business scenario for A3 (same scenario as for A2).

Australian Outdoors, a preeminent Australian brand, stands as a beacon of quality and innovation in the global market for premium outdoor clothing, footwear, camping gear and accessories. With a workforce exceeding 15,000 professionals, Australian Outdoors has been a trailblazer in providing high-performance products for everybody enabling outdoor enthusiasts to embrace nature in style and comfort. Despite the brand's strong reputation, Australian Outdoors faces a challenge as employee productivity and engagement levels show signs of decline across various departments. Australian Outdoors also has witnessed a rise in customer complaints, signalling a need to reassess internal dynamics impacting the issues. Operating in the competitive landscape of outdoor retail, Australian Outdoors is known for its commitment to delivering premium products that cater to its clientele. However, recent performance indicators indicate a potential erosion of market share prompting the company to recalibrate strategies to maintain its leadership position in the industry. This situation has prompted the leadership team to address potential impacts on the company's performance and competitive standing in the market.

Assessment Task Details

Addressing these concerns is vital to fostering a positive work environment, aligning with the brand's ethos of enhancing the outdoor experience for its customers. The People Analytics Team is assigned with the task of conducting an in-depth analysis to identify and rectify people related  issues affecting company performance. In response to these challenges, the People Analytics Team at Australian Outdoors (that is you) embarks on a mission to comprehensively analyse the organisational dynamics. By evaluating areas of concern, the People Analytics team aims to provide actionable insights and recommendations.

Assessment 3 – Group Video Presentation – Data Insights into Action – this is about turning data insights into actionable recommendations. Weighting 40% (15 minutes recorded video).  

 Now you have a real data set to work on. Use a variety of data analysis/reporting tools and techniques to complete the following assessment tasks. You may use Excel, Power BI, Tableau, SPSS, or any other tools that you have access for data analytics, reporting and visualisation. Please discuss with your tutor as to what tools you intend to use. Your presentation should include the followings tasks.

  • Video Presentation :Create a 15-minute video to inform the management about your findings and recommendations. Your video should commence with at least 2.5 minutes Executive Summary (ES) to outline the purpose, scope, methodology, key findings, proposed recommendations, and conclusion. Remember that most decision makers will refer to the ES to make their decisions and that is why providing an ES at the beginning of a research project (or large document) is critical.  Know your audience (10 marks).
  • Data Analysis:Your video should then provide 5 minutes discussing how you went about the data analysis. To prepare for this use Excel (or any other program), find some relationships to provide explanations to the current situation at Australian Outdoors is facing. Justify your findings based on the literature review conducted for Assessment 2 and further research if needed. You may use the model you proposed in Assessment 2 or test and report results for a different model as you may see more variables to work on.  (10 marks).
  • Prediction of stakeholder impact:Your video should include 5 minutes informing management about what can be predicted based on your findings. You may consider the impact of your findings on more than one stakeholder. Your predictions must be based on the literature review conducted for Assessment 2 and or further research if needed. 5 marks
  • Prescribing actions:#AoL6 Critically Engaged: Option 3 to formulate and justify decisions based on empirical evidence and research. Your video should include 2.5 minutes to present to Australian Outdoors decision-makers the action/s they should take based on your analysis. Justify your recommendations in detail based on the research findings. Provide a clear conclusion to the video. 10 marks
  • Quality of Video presentation:Your video presentation should be thoroughly consistent with high standards and provide evidence of extensive reading used critically and analytically to present a balance of perspectives – you can cite the literature from Assessment 2 and add more literature to meet the requirement for this assessment if you used different variables. At the end of your Video presentation show the list of references and apply Harvard referencing. Please submit the assessment via a You Tube Link. 5 marks
  • Use appropriate data Visualization when and where appropriate throughout the assessment. 
  • Datasets for A3.Dataset for Assessment 3.xlsxDownload Dataset for Assessment 3.xlsx
  • Data explained.docxDownload Data explained.docx
  • Assessment 3 _Qual data.docxDownload Assessment 3 _Qual data.docx


If you have any questions, check the discussion board or alternative video to see if they have already been answered. If not post your question or alternatively ask your teacher in your workshops.


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