BUSM4448 Business Research Design

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  • Submit two files
    • Sustainable Solutions Digital (Miro) Report
    • Team Collaboration Miro Spaces
  • Presentation Video
    • Uploaded to Mirboard using the space provided for your tutorial class

Assessment Structure

    • 1 - Sustainable solutions report which contains the following
      • Executive Summary
      • Research and analysis: consolidated findings and new insights from the literature
        • All students should be able to share with each other their Assessment 1 insights (primary and secondary) and consolidate these insights into a one insight or several insights that they can use to propose a solution. All students should be able to identify the key issues, challenges and opportunities that exist or are associated with the insight they are using to propose the solution.
      • Various perspectives integration (key stakeholders Canvas Empathy Map)
        • All students in the group must interview at least 3 to 5 person/stakeholders each.
        • All students must record/take notes of the respondents and then use Otter AI or other audio to text tool to transcribe the interview (consolidated transcribed evidence should be made available in the appendices).
        • All insights from the interviews (all team interviews combined insights) should be collated and gathered into a single empathy canvas map - identifying the key stakeholders and the relevant key insights/themes derived from the interview.
      • Sustainable development goals alignment
        • Students should be able to identify and articulate how their proposed solution is aligned with one or multiple SDG goals.
      • Proposed solution
        • Students would need to provide a how might we statement here and articulate/explain what their solution looks like and how it will address the issue.
        • Students should be able to propose a solution that is feasible, viable and desirable. All solutions must take into account the organisation’s limitations, the challenge scope, resources and capabilities.
      • Conclusion
        • Summary of the sustainable solutions report.
  • References (minimum of 8 sources - mix of journal and non-journal articles references)
      • Appendices (a consolidate interview transcript that includes summary of the responses and key themes)
      • Presentation of the sustainable solution idea pitch
        • Provide a link to your presentation video in the report and also in the dedicated Miro board
  • 2 - Your team's collaboration Miro frames (which includes Project Plan Tracker and Brainstorming + Ideation)
    • this is basically asking you to provide a screenshot or exported image of your Collaboration Space particularly for the last two sections Project Tracker and Brainstorming + Ideation. These should be provided as seperate to your sustainable Solution report.
  • Video presentation


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