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Cancellation Policy


Tutoring lounge acts as the representative of the tutor when a lesson has been planned and organized after considering it as a final order which is subject to this cancellation policy. It implies that student consents to make payment for the lessons planned and organised for him unless something else is specified in the document.

Remember that in case a lesson is postponed due to any cause, the student must inform the tutor right away.

What is an arranged lesson?

An arranged lesson is the one for which the student and tutor have already planned and decided a specific   time and place where it is going to be performed. The approval can be oral or in a written form. Even if both the parties that are student and tutor, know that the lesson might be cancelled at the time of arrangement but still it will be supposed to have been scheduled. If an agreement successfully reached to a point where both parties can easily proceed with   conducting tutorial sessions on a regular basis for a period of time, it will be assumed that tutorial sessions have been scheduled, even if they failed to decide a particular time and place..

If both parties decide to have a tutorial session that is depending upon few conditions other than those already mentioned in the document then the tutorial sessions will not be regarded as scheduled unless all the conditions are met. On the other hand, as soon as all conditions are fulfilled, the tutorial session will be regarded to have been scheduled.

Acceptable reasons for cancellation

The student will not have to pay any money for those lessons, which are cancelled merely because of the following reasons:

  • The tutor calling off the tutorial session for some reason, or failing to be available at the expected location on the expected time for some reason;
  • The student being affected by physical or mental illness (as verified by a medical expert);
  • The student may have another session which is:
  • Necessary and top priority, and
  • Not possible to be reorganized;
  • Both parties mutually deciding to call off the tutorial session without any down payment or fees;
  • The student has to be present in court in any case for solid reason;
  • The student calling off the tutorial session with acceptable note;
  • Any other unexpected circumstances which have logically higher priority over the student’s presence at the tutorial session.

Unsatisfactory reasons for calling off

The student will have to pay money for the tutorial session if it is called off because of the following reasons:

  • The student’s prolongation, including yet not constrained to delay because of transport interruptions;
  • A rationally predictable or ordinary occasion which somehow have the capacity to assure any of the satisfactory excuses for calling off above, except for showing up in court;
  • Any circumstance which cannot be reorganized because student failed to make proper planning;
  • Other employment tasks or study obligations;
  • Any unknown failure to be present at the expected location on the expected time.

Moreover, the student will have to pay charges for the tutorial sessions in case that:

  • The student does not succeed to provide adequate explanation for the revocation of the tutorial session, except that it is revoked for an adequate reason as mentioned in this report; or
  • The lack of success of a student to provide urgent notice of the revocation lead to serious cause of trouble to the other party.

Variation of lessons

If the date, day, location or period of a tutorial session is different by mutual understanding without serious cause of trouble to either the student or mentor, the tutorial session may not be held to have been revoked.

Replacement lessons

The student will have to pay money for any tutorial session organized in the state of a cancelled tutorial session, except for the revoked tutorial session was cancelled by the mentor and the revocation create serious cause of trouble for the student.

Waiver of fees

The tutor or Tutoring Lounge performing as the representative of the mentor, can prefer not to ask for fees from the student for a revoked tutorial session, still in case the student would contrarily be charged covered by the terms of this policy.

Cancellation period

For the objectives of this policy, adequate notice can be:

  • Whenever the tutorial session is organized with a duration of less than 1 week in advance, 24 hours
  • Assuming that the tutorial session is organized in a period of at least 1 week but less than 2 weeks in advance, 48 hours
  • In case that the tutorial session is scheduled at least 2 weeks but less than 3 weeks in advance, 72 hours
  • On the occasion that the tutorial session is organized at least 3 weeks but less than 4 weeks in advance, 5 days
  • In case that the tutorial session is organized at least 4 weeks in advance, 8 days.