Case Study- Christophar Collins

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Surgical ward

Christopher Collins, is a 54 year old, male who was diagnosed with early-stage osteoarthritis in the left knee, causing pain and affecting mobility. Surgery was planned to take weight/pressure off the damaged side of the knee joint and therefore relieve pain and also help improve joint function.

Chris was admitted for a left high tibia knee osteotomy 5 days ago. A plate and screws were used to stabilise the tibia as part of the procedure.  Antibiotics were given by the anaesthetist on anaesthetic induction.  He had an uneventful post-operative period and was discharged two days later. Chris was discharged with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication for pain relief, non-weight bearing on crutches and fitted for a supportive knee brace until his planned outpatient review in two weeks time.

This evening Chris re-presented at the ED. Complaining of pain at incision site, nausea and feeling shaky/shivery.  Wound site left knee, sutured, skin appears ‘tight’, shiny and red. There are several small areas were dehiscence is evident with pus present. Oxygen therapy has been commenced.

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