Case Study: RML Beverage Drinks

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Case Study

‘RML Beverage Drinks’ is a drinks company based in the UK. They currently have a team of 150 employees and an annual turnover of £6 million. In the last few years, the company has fallen upon some difficult times. Market conditions and a drive for healthier drinks have resulted in more consumers rejecting fizzy drinks. The company has started to diversify its product offering but, in the meantime, has been forced to downsize. The Managing Director (MD) of the company has requested that you act as a consultant to the firm and help support the company in the following workforce planning and talent management initiatives. You will be generating materials for managers on what is involved and how to undertake appropriate actions.

Assessment Case Study (1)

  • You are a consultant for UK company RML Beverage Drinks
  • They have a team of 150 employees and an annual turnover of GBP 6 million
  • They are going through a difficult time – market conditions + people want healthier drinks
  • RML have started diversifying their product but have been forced to downsize
  • MD has asked you to support them in workforce planning and talent management initiatives


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