Case study: West Civil Construction (WCC)

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Case study:

West Civil Construction (WCC) is a premier earthmoving and excavation specialist based in WA’s Great Southern region. The operations of the West Civil Construction (WCC) include:

  • Civil construction
  • Materials processing
  • Heavy haulage
  • Plant hire
  • Vegetation management.

Currently WCC operates a workforce of over 40 people in roles that include:

  • Management
  • Plant operators
  • Office personnel
  • Mechanics and
  • Site and plant supervisors.

Our company is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and high-quality workmanship. WCC values all of its customers, so you will receive the same level of service regardless of the size of the project.

WCC adheres to a straightforward but binding philosophy. It's a promise to all of our current and prospective customers. "We safely deliver what we promise." We accomplish this by constantly striving for excellence in workmanship and service, and we aspire to set a standard that defines the industry benchmark.

Our People

WCC has established a comprehensive recruitment process to ensure we employ the best people available, with a strong desire to become the civil employer of choice in the region. This is supported by our structured induction and training programmes, ongoing supervision, mentoring, and the development of a diverse culture that ensures we always meet the high service standards we set for ourselves.

Our Equipment

We are extremely proud of our fleet of modern, well-maintained, and high-quality vehicles. It enables employees to work more efficiently and effectively, reduces downtime, and enables us to provide superior results to our customers.


Everything we do at WCC is based on our unwavering commitment to the health and safety of every person on every worksite we manage. Through the implementation of stringent Australian standards for health and safety, environmental, and quality management systems, management and staff strictly adhere to safety compliance. These systems ensure that we consistently provide a high level of service that is also safe and environmentally friendly. Our systems also serve as a foundation for ongoing self-evaluation and improvement.


West Civil Construction (WCC) is a modern business built on strong family values. PCC has expanded its services beyond earthmoving to include civil construction, material processing, plant hire, and vegetation management.

PCC has begun a journey of adopting world's best practise by implementing an Integrated Management System to ensure we remain true to our principle of "We deliver what we promise safely." This system is compliant with and adheres to ISO9001 for Quality Assurance, ISO 45001 for Safety, and ISO14001 for Environment, all of which have been accredited by SAI Global.

With processes and procedures in place, PCC strives for continuous improvement by implementing the highest standard of health and safety practices on every PCC worksite.


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