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1. Introduction

In order to assure success of any IT based large scale project, it is highly important to monitor and manage change in proactive manner, such that project’s stated outcomes can be accomplished within specified time, scope, cost and quality of the project. The underlying report is aimed to suggest changes in Link project of Victorian Police that has failed to deliver its expected outcomes based on numerous issues. The key witnessed issues were; the vaguely presented business case, too much emphasis on customization to avoid process change, underestimation of project cost, ineffective project management and inability to manage project related risks. In the light of key issues with the project, the underlying change plan is devised to make suggestions regarding needed changes, along with stating their likely impact on project scope, time, cost and quality. 

2. Identification of Proposed Change 

Although, the management of LINK project must be revisited in many aspects, yet some key issues hold greater significance. In order to make sure that project meets its expected outcomes, it is crucial to the adopt COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) System in its existing form, without seeking any compliance with current LEAP system of police. This is the core change which is needed to assure success of the project. The change in adaptation approach for new ICT solution can be a savior for assuring success of new technology implementation project of Victorian Police. The project team should be focusing on process reengineering instead of like to like strategy, which will allow them to modify their internal business process with an aim of complying well with contemporary requirements of technology (Ursula, 2010). When COTS system will be adopted in its original form and internal processes will be aligned with new system requirements, then long run effects can be seen in information exchange and communication efficiency of the police departments (Raza & Waheed, 2018). The updates to newer versions will become easy and technology upgrade with respect to changing needs of police departments will be doable (Raza & Waheed, 2018). It will incorporate any possible future changes in roles and practices of police, making it more feasible in long run. 

In terms of project’s scope, the states benefits of commercial solution can be anticipated well and any unrealistic expectations will not be made about project’s outcomes. For instance, the previous success rate of COTS is well known and thus its effect on reduction of crime rate can be well tracked. Moreover, the new COTS can be compared with existing LEAP system and then more realistic objectives can be set with respect to improvement in new system.  

The commercial off the shelf solution will be adopted and thus cost estimates will be more realistic, which will make it easy to ascertain funding adequacy for the project (Martinsuo & Hoverfält, 2018). The current issue related to under estimation of the project cost will be handled well and thus any delay to lack of project funding can be minimized. Moreover, opportunity cost can also be eliminated while adopting contemporary and sophisticated COTS solution. 

With respect to time, adoption and implementation of COTS takes less time as compared to implementation of customized like to like technological solution. COTS is based on modern technologies and architecture which is pre-developed and tested well to meet the requirements of police departments. Therefore, any additional time spent on customization is completely eliminated. The improved scope, lowered cost and reduced delivery time adds substantially in enhancing quality of the project, along with assuring that modernized and most feasible technology system is chosen for Victorian police.

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