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Changes Request within the Project

Problem 1: The Project Organizational Structure

Lack of consistency or ability to be a project manager for the project management team Gary Anderson indicates that the organizational members who held the final say over who was responsible for completing the individual phases of the project team had not established the individual tasks and obligations of the actual project team. The project manager's accountabilities that would concentrate on the expense and efficiency of the project, whilst the project manager's assistant concentrate on the technical reports to the engineering manager, signify a greater void in the clarity of the project layout, to reach the project target. The utilization of the organizational structure matrix in project management helps organisations to optimize the usage of the pool of experts in the various strategic fields of the business while retaining their cost base. With the same perspective, Parks Corporation used the multi-disciplinary team of R&D, Research, Quality Assurance, Marketing, Buying, and Finance staff members to implement the system. This was planned to reduce the cost of the project by not hiring additional resources for the project and reducing the time and improving the quality of the project. 

The technique to Manage: 

During their employment, workers live in the same position (and even in the same unit). The systems of the matrix demand a high degree of teamwork compared with conventional systems of a single report; therefore workers have neglected to develop any organizational skills which are needed to interact with other elements in the company. Parks Corporation can define expectations for the employees which can help them get on board with the project and define the behaviour and expectations from an employee (Sy, Beach, & D’Annunzio, 2005). Training in a matrix structure is important for efficient operations. Efficient matrix firms offer regular instruction to improve ideal habits. The goal of continuous training is to build a shared vision and value system and to expand the viewpoints and skills of employees. One mistake made by businesses is not to inform workers regarding the matrix's underlying characteristics. Mid- managers are not informed of how the matrix works and the criteria for an effective matrix process (Barlett & Ghoshal, 1990)

Problem 2: Human Resources Management

The position and the accountability clarification given to the project manager and team leaders by providing a consistent direction on the protocols and processes in the management of projects and on the respective operating frameworks in the matrix organisation is one of the main gaps in the Blue Spider Project. Also from the outset, the project manager's requirements of hiring are based on the assumption that good management of a company should be a good boss, showing the lack of succession planning, as Gary has not been given the chance to develop as a project manager, but is at risk both for the project as well as for his future. Both those who worked on the Blue Spider Project had two supervisors and may have had even three had they worked on such a year this can lead to depleting quality of the project and increased time for the company. The core participants in the Blue Spider System could not understand exactly how and whether the tension was worsening between Anderson and the responsive managers. Parallel command chains diminish project managers 'legitimacy by getting two control bases and jeopardize effectiveness. Conflicting orders from multiple heads contribute to confusion and failure in organisations increasing the cost for the organization as other departments will be affected.

The technique to Manage: 

Participants find presenting staff with the ability to get to know each other as a best practice. Behaviour analysis indicates that when a previous partnership has been formed people are more likely to cooperate (Stopper, 1998). Importantly, the most productive workers in the matrix are the ones who actively reach out to and establish an informal network of collaborators. Informal networks prove to be important rather than traditional networks as they facilitate the job of investing in and securing capital for the execution of market policies (Hodgetts, 1968). Companies with cross-functional work experience are suggesting that their workers can more quickly and efficiently understand the matrix definition. They soon become those with massive, one-sided views from those with a smaller silo-focused view of the business. The appraisal process emphasizes the importance of operating in one company while evaluating staff success in different departments (Blomquist & Müller, 2006).

Problem 3: Project Structure & Charter

There was no clear objective and schedule for what to do from the Blue Spider. The whole project has also created increased costs in all respects. Regardless of the lack of a schedule for contact, concerns and anxieties emerged on the part of the consumer. Gary still has this scepticism, and apprehension leads to unreasonable requests from the customer to be fulfilled by the project manager. By the outset of the project, that will be decided. Even the customer questioned the project team's competence and ability and formed a direct contact channel with the PC's technical staff.

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