CIVE2004 Structure 2 - Substructure Assignment

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You will be designing footings using two different approaches as part of this assignment i.e., using the concept of bearing capacity and using the principles related to soil reactivity. Two of the questions are design calculation related. Others are more conceptual and tests your depth of understanding of the topics.

QUESTION 1                                                                                                               [35 MARKS]

An open-plan office space is to be built in Adelaide, a semi-arid region of Australia. The footing area for the office space is 15 m×20 m. Design the footing based on soil reactivity (additional information is presented below). The footing type should be Waffle raft where possible. If a waffle raft design is not possible you need to clearly mention why and what alternative option you are choosing.

Your report should clearly show calculations related to Ys, related site classification, beam layout and cross-sectional details (slab reinforcement, slab thickness, beam depth and other reinforcement details). Use AS 2870 Section 3 for your design which can be downloaded from the course website.

Site and superstructure-related information

Ys = 35 + (last digit of student number × 5)

Superstructure type:

Articulated Full masonry if the last digit of your student number is 0, 1 or 2 Articulated Masonry veneer if the last digit of your student number is 3, 4 or 5 Clad Frame if the last digit of your student number is 6, 7, 8 or 9.

QUESTION 2                                                                                                [15 +10 =25 MARKS]

  1. What are the design considerations for beams of stiffened raft for reactive soil site?
  2. What is a problem site? Provide What sections of the AS2870 provide guidelines for designing problem sites?

QUESTION 3                                                                                                                [10MARKS]

Discuss the difference in design principles between footing design based on soil reactivity and footing design based on bearing capacity.

QUESTION 4                                                                                                               [30 MARKS]

The ground condition is shown below along with the material properties for a building site. Design a footing based on bearing capacity equations for a column that will carry 800 kN of load. Assume a factor of safety of 2.0.

Hint: Assume a footing size and footing depth. Calculate the design bearing pressure below the footing because of the column load. Calculate the ultimate bearing capacity and then the safe bearing capacity. The safe bearing capacity needs to be greater than design bearing pressure. If not try a bigger footing size.

Soil properties

Light brown clay

γ = 18 kN/m3 c = 9 kPa

φ = 290

Stiff grey clay γ = 16 kN/m3 c = 10 kPa

φ = 300


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