Close Reading Of Chapter 7 Of The Seven Little Australians

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Close Reading of chapter 7 of the “Seven Little Australians”

The text of chapter 7 named “What Say You to Falling in Love?” involves various techniques and strategies of narration and focalization since the text of this chapter revolves around another story within the whole story of the book along with being connected through the same characters of the book. The strategies are interesting and fascination to the readers for sure. The Mieke Bal’s Narratology has explained and differentiate between different types of focalizations including External Character (EN) and Character Bound (CF). These two sorts of narrations or focalizations are implied and used in the text of chapter 7 of the book. No doubt, the story proceeds chronologically as first the narrator truly depicts the condition of Meg being confined in her room, day-dreaming and making fantasies about being fallen in love; then the narrator tells us about how the two girls go on boat trip with having met with two boys- Andrew and Graham; and afterwards the whole event of how Meg gains the courage to write letters to Andrew and Aldith. The narrator seems to be involved in the overall book as the author uses many times the first time narration technique by mentioning herself as “I”. This usage of “I” makes us think of author or narrator quite domineering and authoritative. 

When the story begins with “Meg was looking ill, there was no doubt about it”, (Turner, 2005, p. 86) then the text uses EN (external character) narration because according to the explanation of study guide 1-4, and Bal (2009, p. 21), the external character is defined as “the narrating agent does not figure in the fibula as an actor.” And no doubt, the way story of chapter 7 starts portray that the narrator is external. Moreover, the narrator remains to be external narrator till the narrator mentions herself as “I” in the sentence when she says, “I do not say English girl children are free from this.” (Turner, 2005, p. 88). When the narrator does so, then the narration technique shifts to character-bound narration (CF). 

The text shifts to CF (character-bound) focalization in a peculiar manner when the text reflects the words of James Graham saying in his letter, “MY DEAR Miss MACCARTHY," one would run...

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