Comparative Analysis Of Two Youth Work Settings: Frontyard And Youth Project

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Youth work settings are practiced around the globe to have a constructive impact on the personality-building of youth. School-based and hospital-based youth work are two such settings that would be discussed in this essay. Both of these settings would be elaborated, compared and key lessons drawn would be shared.


As the name suggests, Frontyard youth services, are specialized in providing holistic programs for youth development at school level. The frontyard youth service center is located on King Street in Melbourne CBD. The center is formed to help youngsters aged 12-24, struggling with emotional, physical and other social needs. To address such needs, it is important that such youth service centers should work in collaboration with schools (Jeff, 2010).  The main purpose of the center is to provide accommodation for youngster and help them in avoiding the homeless situation. The center has existed for almost over 100 years, ensuring that all people should and must have equal access to support. 

Frontyard at MCM work does not only provide physiological support to the adolescents, instead they offer tailored approach based on the individual circumstances. For the center, people come first, so they identify the issues a person might be struggling through and analyze the reasons of their homelessness. Frontyard offer accommodation services to people who are under the age of 25, struggling with various complex needs. The best thing about MCM frontyard is that they take every course as a unique case and offer one-on-one attention. The center also provide alternative therapies that are outside the box, as providing different experience deliver better results. To do so, the center do get young people involve with partners dogs to help them feel connected. This gives youth the confidence of working independently and exploring what they enjoy doing most (Mike. G, 2015). Hence, such recreational activities hold a well-founded position in personality building of the youth. It is important to understand that a bookish knowledge is not all that a child needs to succeed in life. It is important to let the youngsters enjoy hands-on experience on different arenas of life

Frontyard works in collaboration with Melbourne City Council and Victoria State Government, as without their support it would be almost impossible to serve that many people as they normally do. They have a proper organization structure in place, as it not only has a team of board of directors, but also has a team of executive who manage different departments. The center do get various volunteers involve for various activities throughout the year. It is believed that since the staff working at frontyard are solely trained for the welfare of the youth, therefore, they can tend to their needs much better than the traditional teachers who are constrained by curriculums and time restrictions at work (Gebru, 2018)

Frontyard was established in 2017, and since than the center people has used their skills and personal experience to bring a positive change in the life of young people. To do so, they have adapted friendly approach through consultation, advocacy and community education. The community has formed various departments such as FYAC, (Frontyard Youth Advisory Committ), that consist of past and present users of the service and another program offered by the center is YAG (Youth Action Group), which comprises of young leaders aged between 18-24. These youngsters are usually selected for their determination and the passion they have to bring a positive change in young people of Melbourne. Those who participate in the programs have complete freedom to select their projects based on their personal preferences. Frontyard ensure that the physiological problems like depression, suicidal approach; in the children are identified and treated at an early stage in order to protect them from ruining their lives at a later age. 

If the seeds are not tended to at the time of germination, then a gardener can never hope for a healthy plant in the days to come. Similarly, personality and character building at a young age is extremely essential to ensure a brighter future for the nations (VanderVen, 2010). Youth work clubs such as Frontyard ensure that the personality building of the youngsters is not compromised from an early age (VanderVen, 2010). Moreover, they ensure that basic moral values are inculcated in the young ones through playful activities to lay the foundation for a civilized nation. 

Frontyard works in collaboration with City of Melbourne, Victoria State Government and Australian Government, to ensure welfare of the youth at a young age. All aspects of the youth requirements are taken under consideration while forming policies. Moreover, various ideas are coined to work collectively to make sure that best learning environment for the youngsters is offered (Spain, 2013). Frontyard has to work as a team to provide finest opportunities for the youth to learn and grow.

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