COWB70389 / COWB70390 Pervasive Computing

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Assignment specification

One of the up-and-coming areas of pervasive computing is that of smart home devices and home assistants. These include devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Voice interaction will be used in many more areas in the future and will be used to interact with even more devices.

You have been asked to suggest a future application for pervasive computing, and to blue-sky a scenario for that application with voice control which could be used in the next 10 years. You must consider research into current technology and application domains, and where they could go in the future to help you to support your idea.

Discuss your ideas with the lecturer BEFORE you begin.

Your idea should NOT be an application that is commonly used today

You have been asked to create:

  1. a 3-minute role-play video of your future scenario, showing how your application would be used with voice interaction. The video should be saved online and a link to it provided in the presentation.
  2. reasoning and research behind your future scenario, referring to referenced current pervasive computing applications and devices, and where these could go in the future to help your idea
  3. a voice only Alexa skill to show a typical voice interaction for your future application, which is:
  • designed with users using the script technique shown in the lecture
  • prototyped in the Alexa Developer Console
    • by creating 5 custom intents
    • showing 3 suitable slots between them
    • adding 2 sample utterances per intent
  • developed in the Alexa Developer Console with
    • 3 fully functional custom intents each one with:
      • 1 slot
      • 7 utterances
    • 1 example of a custom slot with synonyms
    • LAMBDA code to control functionality of all 3 custom intents including
      • getting information from a custom slot
      • getting information from an AMAZON slot
      • use of a session attribute
      • accessing external data (e.g. JSON files or APIs)
      • suitable output to the user
    • tested, by a set of utterance tests with example inputs and outputs from the Alexa Developer Console

N.B. It is just the voice interaction you are showing. You do not have to get your Alexa application to interact with different technologies – you can ‘assume’ this would happen (i.e. if you said Alexa pay for the tickets, Alexa would just need to respond what she had done, you don’t need to handle the transaction)

  1. a 20-minute presentation / demonstration which shows the following
    • an introduction to your application and domain
    • your role play video
    • your reasoning and research behind your future scenario
    • your design scripts, with details of how you tested and refined them
    • a demo of your prototype skill
    • a demo of your final voice only skill
    • details of your development and testing including:
      • your explanation of how the application was built
      • the evidence from your utterance tests
    • a critical reflection on:
      • why your application would provide users with a good experience
      • where your application could go in the future, showing how it could be extended with other examples of pervasive computing (i.e. future technology)

Assessment requirements

  • you need to submit the following via Blackboard:
    • a copy of your presentation slides, including the link to your role play video
    • a zip file containing
      • your Alexa skill input JSON file code from the JSON editor
      • your Alexa skill LAMBDA code from your code window
      • an example of the data external to the LAMBDA (e.g. your JSON data file or an example of the data returned from the API)
    • you need to attend:
      • a 20-minute presentation and demonstration

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