CPCCBC4005 Produce Labour and Materials Schedules for Ordering - Assessment Task 2 - Written Questions

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Assessment Task 2 - Written Questions


You are required to provide a satisfactory response to each question below to complete this assessment.

Question 1

Why is it important to include local government and regulatory bodies’ conditions of approval in project schedules?

Question 2

List ten (10) items which must be included in a project schedule.

Question 3

What are the types of construction drawings and specification commonly used in the industry? List ten (10)

Question 4

Describe the process for planning and allocating human and physical resources in a building project.

Question 5

Explain why milestones are used in sections of project schedules.

Question 6

List four (4) items which are included on a call forward sheet.

Question 7

List four (4) causes of variations to contract?

Question 8

Name five (5) procedures for risk management with site files.

Question 9

Describe what information an estimator would include on a purchase order. List eight (8)

Question 10

When looking at planning, what three (3) areas should the builder focus on?

Question 11

Name four (4) pieces of information that should be included in the site file.

Question 12

What are three (3) checks that the builder/supervisor should undertake on the site file to meet risk management requirements?


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