CPCCBC4005 Produce Labour and Materials Schedules for Ordering - Written Assignment

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Assessment Task 1 - Written Assignment


You must complete this assessment task on your own, do not work in groups.  The finished assignment must be your own work.

The intent of this assessment task is to demonstrate your ability to produce labour and material schedules for ordering.

The Trainer will guide you through the construction process to complete this assessment task.

Assessment Directions

Students must refer to the following:

  • Project plans, specifications CPCCBC4012
  • Contract details of CPCCBC4003
  • Project estimate completed in CPCCBC4004

Using these plans, specifications and project estimate students are to develop a project schedule using a “critical path diagram” or “bar chart” and then complete the following tasks:

  1. The project construction schedule must demonstrate your understanding and ability to use the scheduling tool to communicate project requirements to authorities, trades people, suppliers and client throughout the project. Ensure that you use language and concepts that are appropriate to cultural differences. To do this you will need to demonstrate:
  • Critical Path on main activities
  • Milestones, Inspection Points, and dates for progress claims
  • Local government and regulatory bodies conditions of approval
  • An understanding of state building and construction codes, standards and regulations that are relevant
  1. Produce the following: (a). Labour Schedule for the Slab & Footings Cost Centre (b). Material Schedule for the Slab and Footings Cost Centre for the above project
  2. Produce Purchase orders for the Slab & Footings Materials for the above project
    • Ensure orders include relevant contract details and instructions
  3. Develop a Slab progress claim that indicates the Method A claim stages of CPCCBC4003 Domestic Build Contract. Include a Provisional Sum Allowance adjustment for a PS $2000 rock excavation that actual costs amount to $2,850
  4. Prepare a variation request detailing all relevant costs and extension of time if applicable to meet the client’s new request for ceasarstone benchtops and glass splashback to the kitchen

Prepare a sample “Final Account” document for the client on this project. Include the adjustments for Q4 and Q5


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