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Assessment Task 2 - Written Questions


You must complete this assessment task on your own and are not to work in groups. It must be your own work.

Students are required to provide a satisfactory response to each question below to complete this assessment.

Question 1

How are variations to contracts processed and why?

Question 2

How are back-charges applied in accordance with policy guidelines?

Question 3

How are payments for material authorised? How are drawings against allowances carried out?

Question 4

What would you do in the case of an insurance claim? What is the process?

Question 5

How are business processes administered? Why are they conducted this way?

Question 6

Why is a diary kept?

Question 7

How is a file note prepared and issued, and why is it done this way?

Question 8

How are variation requests communicated to the appropriate person?

Question 9

How are requests for extensions of time communicated?

Question 10

How is a notice of unsatisfactory work communicated?

Question 11

How are quality control procedures identified?

Question 12

How are site checklists detailing specific items to be inspected at appropriate stages used and completed?

Question 13

How are local authority inspections arranged? 

Question 14

How are quality requirements communicated to on-site personnel and building work assessed against construction standards?

Question 15

What processes are put in place to supervise on-site work to ensure the performance of work to industry, regulatory and contractual standards?

Question 16

How are contractual quality standards met?

Question 17

How are defects rectified and client sign-off obtained?


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