CPCCBC4009 Apply Legal Requirements to Building and Construction Projects

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Assessment Task 3 - Major Project


Document legal requirements of a construction business.

The student is required to research the requirements of being a Registered Domestic or Commercial Builder and answer the following questions:

  1. What types of license/s and registration does a builder need to have?
  2. What type of work does that qualify a builder to carry out?
  3. What licensing requirements or competencies are required for any subcontractors, site supervisors or managers?
  4. Which Acts, Regulations, Codes and Standards is a builder to be most familiar with?
  5. What insurances does a builder need to hold?
  6. What are a builder’s responsibilities under the OH&S Act? Name two (2) regulations and codes applicable to residential constructions and how they would be applied and monitored?
  7. What are the key responsibilities of a builder under the Fairwork Act? How are they applied in the organisation?
  8. Which form of building contract does a builder use most often?
  9. In the event of a legal dispute between a builder and another party, what process is usually used to resolve it?
  10. How does the VBA apply and assess the relevant classifications to submitted applications from prospective Builders, Supervisors & Managers.
  11. What are the legislated sustainability, environmental and waste management requirements that need to be considered?
  12. Scenario:

The VBA Case Officer has asked you the following questions, regarding one of your building projects:

  1. What process/authorities did you liaise with to obtain a Building Permit?
  2. The Building Surveyor does not give approval of foundations preparation due to latent ground conditions – what do you do?
  • The trades on site have cultural differences.How do you communicate the work required?
  1. A major variation regarding additional steel framing work needs to be submitted. What process needs to be followed?
  2. Who are the relevant parties that need to be contacted and how do you communicate the information, including non-verbal?
  3. How do you ensure the variation work is carried out correctly?


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