CPCCBC5002 Monitor Costing System on Complex Building and Construction Projects - Assessment Task 2: Major Project

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Assessment Task 2 - Workplace Assessment/Major Project

Candidate Instructions

The Practical Assessment is a set of tasks that must be completed in a workplace or in an environment with conditions similar to that of a real workplace.

This assessment will help you demonstrate skill requirements relevant to monitoring costing systems on complex building and construction project.

The Practical Assessment includes the following:

Workplace Assessment

A set of tasks or activities completed according to set instructions and guidelines to meet the requirements of the relevant unit. These tasks and activities require you to have access to a workplace or a similar environment.

Preliminary Assessment Information

The tasks in this practical assessment must be completed in a workplace (or a similar environment) and in the context of a Class 2 to 9 Type A building and construction project which you are currently a part of.E.g., You are a builder, a site manager in training, a foreperson, or an apprentice in this project, etc.

Please approach your Training Provider for further assistance on accessing the resources required for this assessment.

Before starting the practical assessment, record the following information for your assessor’s reference.

When completing the tasks in this practical assessment, ensure that your responses and performance must align with the information you have provided below.

For example (but not limited to):

·         If the task asks you to refer to building and construction legislation and regulatory requirements, refer to the requirements that apply to the state/territory where your nominated building and construction project is undertaken.

·         If the task requires you to follow organisational policies and procedures, refer to the policies and procedures in your nominated organisation/workplace.

Work role/title
Building and construction project
Project overview
Building classification
Project site address
State/territory where this project is being undertaken


The goal of this assessment is to assess your practical knowledge and skills in:

  • Identifying and classifying project costs
  • Preparing schedules for project expenditure
  • Creating curves for projected cash flow and payments
  • Monitoring and maintaining expenditure
  • Preparing the final cost report

This assessment is made up of four tasks

The Project for all four tasks will be a 50 store – 3 storey/ underground car park shopping complex commercial project. Value of the project will be $13.2 million.


  1. Build Cost: $10.5 million
  2. Payment schedule: Monthly on completed cost centre
  3. Total Company Overheads $792,000
  4. Company Overheads related to the project $72,000/ month
  5. Cost Centre Breakdown - % of build cost
1 Preliminaries 3.8
2 Site Establishment 5.5
3 Site excavation & Cleaning 4.5
4 Drainage 9.0
5 Concreting 6.0
6 Masonry 8.5
7 Electrical 8
8 Services 7
9 Plumbing 7.5
10 Roof Plumbing 10.2
11 Glazing 10.5
12 Carpentry 7.5
13 Painting 3.5
14 Tiling 3.5
15 Fire Services 5


Use the above major scopes of works to:a.       Plot a reasonable site construction schedule with MS Excel that would need to be addressed and discussed by a project team when administering control of the above-mentioned project. Use a 10-12 month schedule.

b.       Calculate the $ value of the cost centre breakdowns

c.       Prepare a cash flow (MS Excel) of major cost milestones above that would need to be calculated when addressing such a project and plot the monthly cash in bank. Cash in Bank at start of project $550,000.

d.       Prepare an S-Curve

After completing this task, submit copies of documents you accessed and reviewed for this task to your assessor. Your submission must include:

·         Completed Gantt Chart

·         Cashflow projection

·         S-Curve


You are required to review the project finances on a monthly basis and report on budget vs actual expenses. Using the Budget Expense template provided along with this workbook complete the actual expenses throughout the lifecycle of the project and review against the budgeted expenses.Items to consider:

·         You must achieve at least 2% savings on materials over the lifecycle of the project

·         Employee costs have increased by 1% over the lifecycle of the project

·         Overheads have decreased by 5% due to a reduction on office space

After completing this task, submit the following to your assessor:

§  Budget / Expense & Variance report


Upon review of your cashflow and budget vs actual report, review the expense analysis and prepare a 5 minute presentation on the cost reporting of this project. You must include the following items:·         Explain how you would revise schedules of payments and cashflows to match contract performance and efficiency

·         How frequently would cost reports need to be monitored and revised

·         Identify any variations in rates occurring through rise and fall

·         Identify equipment performance information and efficiencies

·         Discuss the cost benefit analysis of overtime payments

·         Your process for evaluating and eliminating or reducing risk


Prepare a report based on the above project / tasks for presentation to the management group. Your report must be a minimum of 5 pages and must include details of:

Template available in the Parker Brent LMS (Download it in Additional References of the unit in Learning Path)

·         Building codes of practice, standards, legislation and specifications taken into account when completing the above tasks

·         The process undertaken for producing hard copies of prepared expenditure reports for presentation to the management group

·         How interim payments claims have been prepared and processed throughout the project

·         Rise and fall calculations for contractors and subcontractors

·         How cash flow and payments have been prepared and compared using time risk and cost risk

·         How cash flow wad prepared using early start and late finish for pessimistic or optimistic outcomes

·         Overdraft requirements for the project – optimistic and pessimistic

·         Future actions based on actual costs vs estimates

·         Proposal to adjust organisational rates based on final cost report and current movements in price and rates


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